8 Things That Lesbian Girls Notice First ...


Much like the things guys notice first, there are things lesbian girls notice first on a lady that they are checking out!

If you are a lesbian but have absolutely no idea about some of the things lesbian girls notice first, you've got to take a look at this list!

For some girls, it might be all about the body type or about the appearance, but for others, us girls take in personalities and how a chica acts too!

1. Eyes

When I first saw my partner, the very first thing that I noticed about her was her eyes.

I think that a lot of the things lesbian girls notice first all start with the eyes.

They are the windows to the soul and truthfully, when you are trying to catch their eye for a bit of eye contact, you tend to pick up the color and shape.

2. Hair

Next up is the hair.

Is it done up great, does it look soft, how do they usually wear it?

I love hair, I think that it is beautiful at any length, but it's definitely one of the first things that I notice after the eyes.

I usually look for a girl that has really kept up hair and I love braids!

3. Fashion Sense

Next up is the fashion sense.

How are they dressed?

Are they a little more masculine or androgynous in their fashion sense, are they completely dressed to the girly nines, are they somewhere in between?2

This will let me know exactly what type of girl they are.

For me, I don't wear dresses all that often, so maybe I am looking for someone that dresses up a little bit more than me.2

4. Bright Smile

A smile can tell a million things and a bright, toothy smile can really make you look more approachable.

I love it when a girl smiles at me and it isn't awkward or anything, it's just natural and charming.2

If you really want to attract a girl, just flash her a smile and see how she responds!

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