23 Foolish 🀐😱 Things to Say πŸ’¬ or Not 🀚🏼 when Texting Boys πŸ“± ...


Too often, girls sit around and ponder (for hours) about what they're going to say and how they're going to say it to a guy.

Texting is NOT supposed to be that complicated!

These guidelines will help sort out that baffled and confused feeling you get when wanting to text a guy.

Here are 23 things to say/not say when texting boys:

1. Forget about Your Menstrual Cycle

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Ladies, let's get this straight: boys have absolutely no desire to know when your Aunt Flow is visiting.

If anything, they want to imagine that you are the one female who doesn't have that family member.

So if you are holding back from seeing a guy because of your period, take the opportunity to play hard to get.

A thing to say when texting a boy is letting him know you already have plans or are busy during the week.

He will be jealous wondering who you are with, when really you'll be curled up with two special men named Ben and Jerry.

When He's a Foot Away


Great article! Making notes in my little black book for sure
Really needed this!
Barbie Brown
While I agree with some of these, and have done some of them and they work (like playing hard to get), if you have to play games all the time with a guy it's time to move on.
Natasha D'souza
I agree with marina it's not a bad thing to tell a guy you've got your period and that you aren't feeling good. But it definitely is to lie to him. Not all men think about sex all the time. If your always thinking about how to make him think your sexy your always being someone else and not yourself especially if that's not who you are. Have a convo with a guy about what you think he likes and if he doesn't answer right away it doesn't hurt to send him one ? He'll know that your still interested at talking to him. Vulnerability isn't a flaw some men like to be there when you need them however these tips are for catching a man though most men will like you better if you are yourself. These are not tips for keeping committed relationship
Jo Kloepping
It's gross to think that a guy wants to think that I'm an exception and I don't get my period. Why are women's bodies so gross to men? Boys don't have to hide the fact that they get erections or anything, but women and girls should be ashamed and be afraid to talk about their period? I'm not saying flaunt it, but if he's really grossed out about the fact that you have a uterus, he's not worth it.
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