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13 Cute Ways to Say Sorry ...

By Lauren

We all make mistakes, which is why it comes in handy to know some cute ways to say sorry! Whether it's your friend, family member, or significant other that you've angered, there's always a way to let them know how sorry you are. Usually the key to forgiveness is making the other person smile. That's why having cute ways to say you're sorry is a simple way to make them smile or laugh while reminding them why they like you. So if you're looking for forgiveness, try out one of these 13 cute ways to say sorry.

1 Use Food

Especially if you're trying to say you're sorry to your guy, food is always one of the best cute ways to say sorry. Bake your guy his favorite kind of cake and write "I'm sorry!" in icing at the top, or order a pizza before he gets home and rearrange pepperoni on top to spell out "I'm sorry!" for him to find when he opens the box. Not only will he love the gesture, but he also gets something delicious out of it!

2 Fun Frustration Release

Leave a note and a water gun (or Nerf gun if it's not warm outside) that says you're sorry and as a way to forgive you, they're allowed to hunt you down outside and squirt you. This way, they can get out their frustrations in a fun activity that both of you can enjoy. Once he gets enough hits on you though, grab your own toy gun and continue the battle! By the end of it, you both will be laughing so much that they'll have forgotten why they were mad at you in the first place!

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3 Use Funny Poetry

Write a funny haiku or a ridiculous poem but make sure it rhymes! To get you started, here are 5 words that rhyme with “sorry”: charry, sari, starry, safari, Atari. Leave the note somewhere you know they will see it and wait until you hear them laughing. Then come out and apologize again in person after they've read your poem. The humorous note will remind them how great and funny you are and that they can't stay mad at you forever.

4 Play-Attack Them

If it's your significant other that you need to apologize to, playfully attack them until they forgive you. By this I mean with kisses, hugs, and tickling! Who is going to be able to stay mad at you when you're acting that darn cute? Obviously don't go overboard on this or else you may make the situation even worse. Start small and work your way up. If this just seems to agitate him more, try another "I'm Sorry" idea. This one is best for when your guy has had some time to relax after whatever made him mad.

5 Use Puppy Dog Eyes

There's a reason why puppies get away with so much when they're young. When you yell at them, they give you those big puppy dog eyes that melt your heart. Sit next to the person you need to apologize to, and randomly look over at them with puppy dog eyes and a sad lip. Do this until they notice you and will most likely laugh. Then say "I'm sorry," but continue staring at them with puppy dog eyes until they cheer up enough to accept your apology. If they don't do it then, just keep giving them the puppy dog face every time you see them. It will eventually become to humorous and cute to not accept your apology.

6 Dress up

If it's your boyfriend you need to apologize to, find one of your old Halloween costumes and put it on. Then wait for him to get home and stay in character while you apologize until he forgives you. Plus, most of us have old "sexy" Halloween costumes to use which is even better in reminding your guy of how hot you are. This is never a bad way to get your guy to accept your apology! For example, if you're have a pirate outfit, say things like, "Argh, I'm sorry about the mutiny! You're my favorite treasure." Yes it's cheesy, but that's the point!

7 Custom Background

If you have access to their computer, phone, or tablet, create a custom background. Take a picture of yourself looking appropriately remorseful and holding up a handwritten sign that says "I'm Sorry." If you want to go the extra mile, decorate the sign with pictures, borders and other artwork of the two of you. Upload the picture onto their device and set it as their background. Now, when the person you're trying to apologize to uses their device, they will be surprised by your cute apology picture!

8 Use the Internet

If it's easier to get your apology to them via the Internet, create a blog entry, website, or YouTube video that shows how sorry you are. In your blog or website, title your post "Reasons is awesome" and list everything you love about them. Send them the link to your post via email along with saying "I'm sorry, and this is how I'm going to make it up to you." If you'd rather make a video, make a funny video apologizing either by mouthing out the words to a song that's playing or saying the reasons why they should forgive you. Email them the link to the video or even post it on their Facebook if you don't mind other people seeing.

9 Cuddle Attack

This is something that I've taken to using every so often when I know I've messed up. When your significant other is not expecting it and is still grumpy, just attack them with cuddles! How do you attack someone by cuddling? Sit on their lap, drag them into lying down, or just hug them and don't let go. A good cuddle session makes it really hard to stay mad at someone. Of course this will open up the lines of communication as well, which is needed after a disagreement.

10 Write a Letter

When is the last time you got a hand written letter? Of course, you'd rather say you're sorry sooner rather than later so I suggest giving them your hand written letter rather than mailing it. This is a really sweet way to say you're sorry! It lets them know that you took the time to apologize which tells them that you care.

11 Get Artsy

Sure it's childish, but it's really cute! Whether or not you're a good artist this can be super cute. Remember when you were little and you used to draw pictures or make handmade cards? Who says that this has to stop! This doesn't have to be extravagant, but taking the time to show someone that you care more than just saying "I'm sorry" can really help you both get over whatever the problem may be.

12 Massage

Everyone loves a good massage. If you're not that great at giving them, look up some tips before you start. Of course you may only be comfortable giving certain people in your life a massage, so this probably isn't ideal for every situation. Helping to alleviate someone's stress is a good way to say you're sorry for causing it.

13 Bake

Bake an I'm sorry cake! If this person in your life doesn't like cake, make cookies, cupcakes, or any other delicious treat! If you're super talented you can even write "I'm sorry" in frosting. It's hard to stay mad at somebody that gives you cake!

I suggest only using a cute way to apologize if what you're apologizing for isn't something serious. If it's something more serious that you did, your apology should definitely be a serious one. But if it's more like you got mad at each other because one person fell through with plans, then using a cute way to say sorry is perfectly fine. What was the cutest or funniest way you've ever said sorry to someone?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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