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How to Be Friends with Your Ex might seem hard – and it can be. And sometimes it just won't work out. If you think it will, though, and you need some tips on how to be friends with your ex, then I've got your back. I promise you it can be done; I'm still friends with my high school sweetheart, and we had one of those breakups that becomes a legend in your hometown. Yeah. One of those. So from me, a girl who's been there, to you, a girl who wants to be, here's all you need to learn how to be friends with your ex!

1. Be Honest about How You Feel

Be Honest about How You Feel

In learning how to be friends with your ex, you have to be honest about how you feel – and so does your partner. If you still have feelings for each other, you have to decide if they're going to impede any attempts at friendship. It's worse if one of you is still in love and the other isn't.

Think about the Break up


Heather Jensen
Absolutely! Have you tried to talk to them both? That might be the key to really getting to the root of their problems.
My best friend is having a problem with becoming friends with her boyfriend again. He used to be her best guy friend, and they'd tell each other everything. They dated for about a month, but the relat...
My ex & I are sort of friends, we talk once i a while. He helped me with an itunes problem. haha
If im the dumpee should I still want to be friends.. are does it mean I'm still iin love with him?
Hey Ashley, That's wonderful to know! People always wonder how my ex and I are so close to each other and I tell them that I cannot imagine my life without his friendship and that we were always bette...
my ex and i were friends before we got together, and again after a while of being split up (although i unfortunatly was rude to his new gf as they got together not even a month after we split) regardl...
Helen Smart
so true ...
Hey Jessica! Very well put! That is absolutely true. Sometimes it works out and you can be friends with one another and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on what happened in the relationship, why it ended and how you both feel.
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