7 Ways to Deal πŸ’πŸ½πŸ’πŸΏπŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸΌ when It Comes to Your Boyfriend's πŸ’‘ Female Friends πŸ‘« ...


Learning a few ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends can help you eliminate feelings of jealousy and insecurity.

Forbidding your boyfriend from having female friends isn’t the answer because he will most likely secretly resent that you are trying to control his friendships.2

If you are facing this relationship dilemma, I’m going to share 7 ways to deal with your boyfriend's female friends.2

1. Become Allies

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A major reason why you are jealous over his female friends is that you fear he will leave you for one of them.

One of the ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friends is to become their ally.

To calm these fears, get to know each of them on a one-on-one basis.

Invite her to have brunch or dinner with you.

Hang out Together


@Anmarie yes if he's hiding them he's hiding more than that
What if we come from a place of not jealousy but empowerment, use our frustration to our advantage, instead of questioning, maybe we make statements ? Turn the tables on the men, enjoy our life outside of him, have a plan to do something without him and being very vague about it with him, not to play games but to draw him back to you...? Always been curious if that would work.
@anmarie yeah, you should,if he had nothing to hide he would introduce her to you.
There not to be trusted full stop. Saying this from experience
@Roma he should be able to tell you when he sees her and him staying the night is weird; is he is married he should be home.. Just my thoughts. But you're right, I'd have gone crazy too.
What if he expected me to be friend of his "friend"... If they had sex when we gave a brake of 2 weeks and dated before he met me and I remember at first of our relationship she texted him a lot but he never answered so he had like a lot of texts saying "hello" "hi" "answere""answeeeerreee" . Ugh I just think of it and want to pull her hair to the floor so hard. Plus, we went out with her, so I could met her cuz he said I could have a great time with her and I am sure, she was flirting all the time. Am I wrong? Am I crazy? I don't treat my friends like that... I don't have sex with my friends, I just don't!
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