7 Ways to Fly Solo in a Paired-up World ...


Being single is never easy, thanks to media stereotypes and rom-com movies.

Guest contributor Shannon shares her tips on how to be brave and face the world, single and proud!

Let’s face it, being single at an age when everyone seems to be settling down together sucks.

At first you were all, like, «I’m not ready to commit to just one person anyway» but then you find yourself attending your fourth wedding this year without a date and suddenly it hits you: «Whyyyy am I still single?

Why can’t I find MY soul mate?

What’s wrong with ME?» We’ve all been there so don’t fret.

Though single, you’re not alone when it comes to the feelings you’re having.2

The seven steps below will help you get your head on straight and will be your flight plan when you’re flying solo through the turbulence of Singledom.

1. Don’t Be Desperate

Desperation has a strong stench to it and guys can smell it from a mile away.

The harder you try to attach yourself to someone the more you will push them away.

Guys like independent girls, the girls who don’t reek of desperation.

Do yourself a favour and stop clinging to any guy who gives you a second glance.

Make him work for it;

you’re more appealing that way.

Accept It


Great read! Aspiring, made me feel better!! Thank you! <3
Shannon Ferguson
Thank you guys so much! Glad you liked it! Check out more of my writing at www.thelovehawk.com xox
Kerry Lawrence
@Cass you are still young enough to have fun! He will come when the time is right! Internet dating is harder than real life. You waste so much time looking at profiles but not get to really know the person as quick Sabin real life. Try getting out of your comfort zone, go to different places, even go on holiday overseas and come back with new perspective! I went to Las Vegas! ask older friends or family to set you up! A good thing is that you now know what you don't want so go explore and see what happens!
You just pinpointed exactly what's been on my mind down to a tee...down to the weddings even! Glad i found this. You kind of made my bad day turn around. Thank you :)
I heard this said once, which kinda sums up a few of your tips "if you don't like spending time with you, why would anyone else?"
What about Internet dating? I'm only 23 but am considering the possibilities given the fact I keep dating the same douchy guys over and over or they happen to be my guy friends...ehh
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