9 Ways to Impress Your Boyfriend's Parents ...


If you’re headed to dinner with your new guy’s family, then be sure you’re aware of some sure-fire ways to impress your boyfriend’s parents.

First impressions are everything, and when it comes to your guy’s parents, they’re huge!

The awesome thing is, you don’t have to be fake, and you most certainly shouldn’t be.

Just keep in mind these simple, yet very effective ways to impress your boyfriend’s parents and you’ll be just fine!

1. Be Honest

One of the very most important ways to impress your boyfriend’s parents is to be honest.2

Don’t lie about your age, your background, or your family.

Don’t lie about your job, or your party nights out on the town.

His parents know how to use Google, and they’ll stalk your Facebook page, I promise!

2. Wear Something Appropriate

Next, be sure you where something appropriate when going to meet your guy’s family.

Don’t wear something you’d wear out with your friends for a night on the town, or a hot date with your guy.

Nothing too far above the knee- his mother will notice- and keep that neckline somewhat higher.2

No need for a turtleneck, but she will pay attention!

3. Keep Your Makeup Clean

It’s perfectly fine to wear makeup of course, but don’t expect to win over your boyfriend’s parents with flashy eye shadow, bright pink lip color, and too much blush.

Clean makeup is ideal here, and looks pretty and simple.

4. Be Polite

You should also be polite when you meet your boyfriend’s parents of course.

Smile, show interest in their family, and despite your nerves, try to find an appropriate conversation to discuss.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget to compliment his mom if she cooked!

She’ll love you forever!

5. Speak Fondly of Your Job

Even if you hate your job, don’t bash it.

You don’t have to lie, as you could always say you’re in the market for something new, but at least speak fondly of your job, or just the fact you’re grateful you have one.

No need to bring up that annoying co-worker or pushover boss.

Be positive!

Don’t Overdo It
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