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13 Annoying Things about Sleeping with a Partner ...

By Holly

As much as I adore snuggling with my boyfriend, there are some annoying things about sleeping with a partner. If you’re single and sad about your big empty bed, I hope this manages to cheer you up. Sharing a room isn’t purely positive. There are some annoying things about sleeping with a partner that will make you wish it were daytime.

1 Snoring Stress

If you can’t stand the sound of snoring, it can feel like cruel and unusual punishment to be in the same house as a snorer. When the culprit is the person sleeping right beside you, the volume is ten times higher and twenty times as irritating. You might have trouble falling asleep with the racket going on or may wake up in the middle of the night. One of the annoying things about sleeping with a partner involves the thing he can’t control. If your man shakes the house with his snoring, get him the gift of nasal strips.

2 Getting Hot in Here

If you’re stranded in a snowstorm, the heat that two bodies can make when pressed together is impressive. But when you’re already in a warm house, it can be suffocating. All you want to do is lean your head against your boyfriend’s chest, but once you turn into a sweaty mess, you’ll realize distance isn’t always bad. Don’t get upset if he wants to sleep on the opposite end of the bed. Sometimes, it’s just more comfortable that way


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3 Trapped Together

The way he rests his arms on you might be cute at first, but being intertwined can get annoying fast. If you have to readjust yourself to be more comfortable or get up to use the bathroom, first you’ll have to push his heavy limbs off of you. Of course, you don’t want to be rude so you have to try not to wake him in the process. Be careful not to hurt him or yourself while trying to James Bond your way out of bed. You don’t want to wake up with bruises.

4 Greedy Guys

Since you’ve been sleeping since birth, you’ve had a long time to learn how you like to relax. You know that you need a certain amount of pillows and blankets in order to get proper rest. But when you’re sharing with someone, they could ruin your routine. Your blankets might get stolen or pillows pushed away from you. When you invite someone into your bed, expect them to be a bit greedy.

5 Constant Chatter

If you hear your boyfriend mumbling something cute about you in his sleep, it’s adorable. If he mentions another girl’s name? Not so much. Even though he’s not aware of what he’s saying, it could lead to a fight. If your man talks at night, you might want to invest in a pair of earplugs.

6 He Likes to Move It, Move It

Some people flinch in their sleep, move around, or constantly readjust their position. This can be bothersome and painful if they end up hitting you in the wrong place. Even if the impact doesn’t hurt, it can be alarming when you’re drifting off to sleep. If your partner has a problem sleeping without thrashing around, you’re going to need a bigger bed. You’ll be thankful you spent the money on it.

7 Too Damn Comfy

Sometimes the stars align and none of the issues I’ve mentioned occur. Even if they did, once your alarm clock goes off, you forget about them. All that matters is that you’re with the one you adore. Getting out of bed can sometimes seem like the worst task in the world. Why would you want to leave your bed or your boy?

8 Kick It

As a child I often had to share beds with family members. As much fun as it was to be able to chat and joke around with them, it was nightmare once we all fell asleep! I was often kicked, elbowed, punched and thrown off the bed. I thought that was just something kids did but unfortunately, I still get the occasional jab and kick.

9 Toot Toot

I know we all do things in our sleep that we’re not always aware of, but I swear my guy saves all of his farts for when he’s in bed so he can torture me! Being in close quarters with someone pretty much guarantees that you’ll bear witness to your sleeping partner’s bodily functions.

10 Breakfast in Bed

I don’t know about you, but eating in bed is something that I prefer not to do. But, even if you like to keep your bed a food-free zone, your partner might have other ideas and enjoy eating in bed! It might not be so bad while you’re both awake, but once you fall asleep and you keep finding bits and pieces of your guy’s late night snack, it can be very annoying!

11 Early Bird

If you have different schedules than your partner, waking up in the morning can be a real pain! Not only do you have to hear their alarm go off multiple times, you won’t get very restful sleep once you are awakened.

12 Security Blanket

If your partner likes to sleep with a stuffed animal or a particular blanket, sleeping next to them can become quite the challenge! It’s kind of hard to snuggle up with someone who’s already clutching a stuffed animal or blanket close to them! Aside from that, I would think that sleeping with your sweetie would be sufficient and you wouldn’t need a stuffed animal!

13 Turn off the Lights

Have you ever had to sleep with someone who had to have a nightlight or a light on in the room or they couldn’t fall asleep? What about someone who has to fall asleep with the TV on? I can understand how you’d want some light in case you have to get up, but come on! Both of these things can make it hard for the other person to fall asleep or stay asleep and it’s a waste of power!

As I said, I adore sleeping beside my guy, but there are downsides to sharing a bed. Have you ever had to deal with any of the problems that I’ve mentioned? Is there anything I’ve left off the list?

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