7 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Your New Boyfriend ...

The holidays are a great time to meet someone new, but it may be difficult when it comes to choosing holiday gifts for your new boyfriend. You haven’t known him long enough to get something terribly expensive or involved, yet you still want to show how much you’re enjoying the time you spend with him. Here are seven ideas for appropriate holiday gifts for your new boyfriend.

1. Tickets

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Event tickets are great holiday gifts for your new boyfriend. Does he enjoy movies? Concerts? Sporting events? Grab two tickets to an event you know he will enjoy. Getting a pair of tickets so you can accompany him makes the gift a two-for-one. First, it shows that you’re paying attention to things he enjoys. Second, you’re showing interest by attending the event with him. This gift allows you to spend quality time getting to know each other even more while still showing him how much you care about him.

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