7 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend ...


7 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend ...
7 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend ...

Have a hard time finding gifts for your significant other? Creativity can really impress your other half while other times simple useful gifts go a long way. Here are just a few unique ideas to make him feel special and only requires your time and energy in making them happen-- and that’s really what its all about.

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A friend of mine surprised his girlfriend with a calendar filled with funny photos of himself in seasonal inspired situations in different costumes. The creativity impressed his girlfriend and gave me the idea of making it even more special by filling it with special dates and photos of your past together. The addition of dates such as ‘first date’ or ‘first time meeting parents’ or ‘pet’s birthday will show your partner that you think about the details. This is a functional gift as well as a visual reminder of your love.



I got my boyfriend an antique locket from a resale shop and filled it with our best black and white photos from one of our first dates. He wears that locket all the time and it’s so special that he is proud to ‘wear’ us near his heart. Special order a necklace with your names on it-- if he doesn’t want to wear it--you can always proudly display your names on your neck. That is a great way to show him that you are committed and should make you feel connected.



Boys love food. Make him dinner or a fun treat like chocolate covered popcorn. He will appreciate the time you put in-- and the creativity involved. You could even make it interactive and playful by teaching him how to make something and working together in the process.


Concert T-Shirt Quilt

Ever wonder what to do with all those big concert t-shirts bought at shows? Get those embarrassing bands you or your partner refuse to wear and make them into a cool useful blanket for you to share. Others will be impressed by your creative idea and it will make for a great conversation piece. Just make sure your partner no longer wishes to wear the t-shirts before you begin sewing!


Make Your Love a Playlist

Playlists are the new mix tape. Choose songs that you know he likes and add your own favorites. Adding your own flair will let him into your world and could bring you closer. Make sure to add songs that mean something to you as a couple-- they could be fun or they could be sweet and romantic. The gesture can be shared by both of you together-- and that is the best part.


Make a ‘to do’ List

Make a surprise check list of fun places you either love to go-- or new places you have not been together. On the list make sure to write silly stuff such as ‘ Kiss (insert name here.)’ The list will be playful, spontaneous and make him feel special. It is a great way to spend the day together without revealing the whole plan. The list itself will make for an awesome souvenir while the day‘s events will be a day spent together making memories.


Useful Gifts

Food, Cuisine, Dessert, Sweetness, Dish, If your boyfriend is a musician-- treat him to a new set of drum sticks or even a cool new guitar pedal he has his eye on. If he is a landscaper get him a new pair of work boots. If he loves to read-- buy him books he wants. You should never underestimate useful simple things that your partner may want. Sometimes the best gift is something we need but won’t necessarily buy for ourselves. It is thoughtful and means a lot.

These are gifts that have either been given to me or I have shared with my boyfriend. They make for really special memories and are totally affordable. These are long lasting unforgettable gifts. Have fun in the process and share your ideas with others!

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This has given me so many useful ideas. Thank you so much. Whereas before I was lost now I can see.

aww that was so sweeet ideas .. thank u X

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