8 Awesome Quotes about Being Single ...


8 Awesome Quotes about Being Single ...
8 Awesome Quotes about Being Single ...

Quotes About Being Single might not be THE thing you’d want to read right now, when you’re hurt, feel a bit out of place and maybe even slightly scared. But you should because, unlike most quotes about being single, these could actually prove that's really a good thing. In fact, some of these inspiring quotes about being single have actually helped me realize what I’m doing wrong and I hope, or even better, believe they could make you feel great, too! So, here are my 8 favorite ones:

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“Sometimes You Have to Stand Alone to Prove That You Can Still Stand.”

The first of many cool quotes about being single you’ll have a chance to read now and maybe THE one to remember and share with people who have just ended a relationship that lasted for years. You see, we sometimes forget how it feels to be single and we tend to shove our relationship problems under the rug thinking that’s less painful than being single again and completely ignoring the fact that singlehood does have its benefits as well. Sure, it takes some time to get used to it again and you feel weak and vulnerable at first but then you say – Hey, is it just me or the earth is not crumbling under my feet? You cool down, you learn an important lesson or two, you realize that being single again doesn’t mean going back to square one but moving forward and it makes you even stronger!


“Single as a Dollar and I’m Not Looking for Change.”

LOL! Now if this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what to say! This short quote is fun, meaningful, it’s bursting with confidence and makes me start thinking about all those cool stuff single people get to do. You know – flirting, casually dating, going out hoping you’ll not only have a great time but spot a cute guy to flirt with… the whole shebang! It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? Maybe it becomes boring over time but hey, a charming babe like you won’t stay single for long so enjoy it while it lasts :)


"Being Single Used to Mean That Nobody Wanted You. Now It Means You're Pretty Sexy and You're Taking Your Time Deciding How You Want Your Life to Be and Who You Want to Spend It with."

Exactly! After all, Sex and The City gals know everything there is to know about being single and they certainly have been on this world long enough to be able to tell the difference between modern times and ahem… well… times when being 25-30 and unmarried was a synonym for being doomed. So, take Carrie's advice and make this one of your favorite quotes about being single! Why? Because it’s true!


“It's Really Hard to Walk in a Single Woman's Shoes. That's Why You Sometimes Need Really Special Shoes.”

In fact, you can buy special shoes every week if you want to and you won’t have to answer a bunch of questions or suffer the “I know you don’t need them but I’ll save my words for when we get married” look. LOL! And special shoes always need a special bag, don’t they? After all, now when you don’t have to buy him birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day presents, there should be more money left for those perfect stilettos you’ll need in order to strut down that path of singlehood feeling sexy, confident and ready to take on the world!


"I Must Learn to Love the Fool in Me the One Who Feels Too Much, Talks Too Much, Takes Too Many Chances, Wins Sometimes and Loses Often, Lacks Self-control, Loves and Hates, Hurts and Gets Hurt, Promises and Breaks Promises, Laughs and Cries."

Call me crazy, call me a narcissist, call me whatever you want but I really think you need to love and respect yourself in order to be able to truly, deeply love and respect others. If you are very insecure, if you can’t accept yourself for who you are, if you often compare yourself with others to the point where that becomes a kind of an obsession then you obviously need a mirror and some soul-searching – not a new boyfriend! New boyfriend won’t make you perfect because you already are - you just need to see that! Spend time with yourself, learn to love the real you, let that bubbling personality show, love others for their success, not for their failures and before you know it, you’ll be the type of person you’ve always admired. A girl that’s confident, a girl that knows what she wants and a girl that isn’t afraid to get it!


"Some People Are Settling down, Some People Are Settling and Some People Refuse to Settle for Anything Less than Butterflies."

Ah! Sex and The City script writers – I love you guys! This is one of my favorite quotes about being single, a quote that kind of carved itself into my mind and something that has always helped me to make a decision on whether or not my current relationship was doing it for me. You see – we are often forced to settle for less and in most cases those decisions have nothing to do with us – shoes, bags or clothes that fit our budget, job that’s less than we deserve, an apartment that’s less than we’ve dreamed of… So, ask yourself this - when it comes to love, do I want to SETTLE?


"Life is Not about the Breaths You Take, It's about How Many Times Your Breath is Taken Away"

Enjoy the moment girl, enjoy the butterflies, enjoy everything that makes you happy and don’t spend your precious minutes, hours and days thinking about a person who was never able to truly take your breath away and made you lose your breath fighting or, ever worst, crying! Yes, I am very well aware of the fact that not everything in life comes packed in a shiny wrapper but, hey, things shouldn’t be all bad or dull either! The decision is yours to make and, as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather spend three days breathing fresh mountain air, smelling wild flowers than three months trapped in a moldy cellar!


"Being Single is Getting over the Illusion That There is Somebody out There to Complete You and Taking Charge of Your Own Life."

I think I’ve already covered this one but hey, this is one of those fabulous, inspiring quotes about being single I just couldn’t skip! You don’t need anybody to COMPLETE you because you most definitely are not a half of a person. Right? But let’s take a look at that from a different point of view, shall we? Would you be happy with somebody that’s not a whole person? Would that person be happy knowing that he or she is getting a half? What you are looking for is a person that will love you with all the flaws and the virtues, a person you would love back for all the same reasons. So, use your single time wisely, explore new aspects of your life, work on your own goals, work on yourself not because that will make you more attractive but because you love yourself. And your companion for life will come along eventually and take your hand gently, without pulling it. But, hey, by then, you’ll know that you’re not a leader nor a follower but a bit of both, depending on the situation ;)

Aren’t these quotes about being single awesome? You see, I told you they would be worth a look! So be happy, keep your head up and don’t obsess over who decided to “call it a night”! In case that decision wasn’t really yours, well, who cares, they did you a favor and that’s all that counts! Hope you liked my interpretation of these quotes about being single as well and I’m looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about quotes you like!

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really good ones

amen sista :p

i just got a boyfriend by this really helps:)

Lol no. Just no.

i am sneaky,rude and my attics are a bit unodrthadocs and if you can't handle me at my worst then you shore as hell cant handle me at my best

Single as a dollar...love it!

I love being single. To me, if you are in a relationshiip, you aren't strong enough to live your life the way you want to live it. You are defined by another person. Not in my case! I love being single. I don't need a boyfriend to make me happy. And I never will need a boyfriend to make me happy.

it certainly change my views about singlehood..thank you!

I don't agree with number eight. I think there is someone out there to take care of me and just complet me as a person where I fail at it!

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