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7 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome ...

By Ellie

Whilst I fully realise that writing a post about the reasons why being single is awesome puts me straight into the bitter category of person that we know is secretly desperate for a boyfriend, I can assure you I'm writing this because I thought it might cheer you all up, and because it really is true. I'm not one of those people that's all #singlelife etc - because we all know how annoying that is - and I'm not saying that single life is better than being in a relationship. I'm saying instead that there are pros and cons to both - and here are my reasons why being single is awesome.

1 Responsibility

The biggest, and best, of the reasons why being single is awesome - responsibility. What responsibility, you say? Well, exactly! There isn't any. You can go out whenever you like, you don't have to worry about texting or calling anyone, you don't have to divide your time between different people - your time is entirely your own.

2 Friends

And no responsibility means - all the time in the world to see your friends! There's none of those awkward 'you spend more time with your boyfriend than with me' kind of conversations, there's no feeling guilty if you haven't made time for your other half because you've been on the vino with your friends. It's all fun and games!

3 Arguments

No one can really enjoy arguments, and we tend to have them most often with our partners. Probably because that's the person you're closest to - but knowing that doesn't make the pregnant silences and screaming matches any more pleasant. And they're inevitable - nearly all couples argue at times. None of that malarkey when you're single!

4 Conforming

I don't know about you, but in the past, I've caught myself choosing an outfit, or a new haircut, based not on what I want, but on what I think my boyfriend would prefer. What? What! You shouldn't do this if you're in a relationship anyway, but when you're single, you might find yourself pleasing you more - rather than someone else.

5 Me Time

Which brings me neatly on to my next point - when you have relationship commitments, as well as family, friends and work commitments, you might find that time for yourself tends to fall by the wayside. Being single gives you a chance to put yourself first for once. You might realise how much you needed that time.

6 Excuses

No more having to make excuses you both know aren't true, if you know what I mean. I'm so sleepy, I have a migraine, I ate too much at dinner, can't possibly do anything energetic...if you don't want to do it now, you don't have to feel obliged to!

7 Money, Money

And the most shallow of all reasons, but a practical one - having a boyfriend or girlfriend is expensive! Birthday presents, Christmas presents, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, dinners, dates - it all stacks up surprisingly quickly. Now what can you spend your money on? You, of course!

I hope that didn't come across as terribly bitter and self-denying. It wasn't, really. I know some of you won't believe me, but it is possible to be just as happy single as in a relationship. Sometimes happier. Please don't stay in a relationship just because you're scared to be alone - take the leap. What do you think about single life?

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