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7 Awesome Reasons to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship ...

By Sici

Thanks to shows like Sex And The City back in the day, sex toys have become a thing that is much more associated with single women and solo sexual fun than women who are in relationships. In my personal opinion, I think this is rubbish! Just because you are part of a couple, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to experience all of the fun and different sensations that sex toys can bring to the party. Not to mention all of the inventive things that you can do make sex better not just for you, but for your partner too! Here are seven reasons to introduce sex toys into your relationship.

1 Spice It up

If things have started to get a little stale and predictable in the bedroom, then you should add some toys to the mix to spice things up. There are toys for you and toys for him, and toys for couples; nobody needs to feel like they are being replaced by a machine! With such a wide range to choose from, there is always going to be something that fits the bill.

2 Benefits for Both

Gone are the days when the sex toy industry was mainly focused on women and penetrative pleasure. There are just as many cool gadgets for men to enjoy now too! Head to a store together, or browse online as a pair, and take a look at the plethora of different options that you both have!

3 More Satisfaction

There is no shame in admitting to yourselves that you might not be getting the most pleasure out of ‘traditional’ sex. Why should you both continue to have 5 out 10 experiences when you could easily be having 10 out of 10s with the right toys in the mix?

4 More than Penetration

Sex is about more than just the end game of penetration. Sex toys are an industry that like to show you all of the different sensations that you can both achieve in the bedroom, with things like vibration, suction, and the odd pleasure/pain complex being up for discussion! Think outside the box.

5 Experimentation

The more comfortable and familiar you both get with sex toys, the more willing you will find yourselves being to try different and exciting things in the bedroom. You might not be a big experimenter now, but with the help and confidence that sex toys can give you, you’ll be daring to do more in no time!

6 Communication

Using sex toys in the bedroom forces you to be more communicative with your partner, telling them what you like and how you like it etc. The more communication there is in the bedroom, the better the experience will be for both.

7 Solo Sex

And let’s not forget, sex toys are the perfect companion for solo sex! Sometimes you might not be in the mood, or your partner might not be, so rather than being left frustrated, surely it makes sense to have some handy gadgets around the place to help you out?

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