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Dating a Cancerian man has definite advantages. There are many wonderful traits that Cancerian men have. While no one is locked into the traits of their horoscope, most of us find a lot of accuracy in them. These are some of the best things about dating a Cancerian man based on the unique traits of his horoscope sign. I can speak from the voice of experience here as well, as I’m happily married to a Cancer.

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He Won’t Give His Heart Away Easily

One thing you’ll find out about dating a Cancerian man is that he won’t give his heart away easily. He doesn’t enter into relationships without giving it some thought. He’s steady and cautious when it comes to making a commitment. The good thing about this is that if you have his heart, you didn’t get it lightly. It was a big decision for him to give it to you and he thinks you’re worth it.


Devotion is His Strong Point

A Cancerian man is strong on devotion. Once he’s committed to you, he’s totally with you. You won’t ever have to worry where his loyalty lies. He may enjoy a night out with the guys every now and then but you’re his world. It’s wonderful to know your guy loves you this deeply.


He’s Perceptive

Never think that your Cancerian man isn’t aware of how you’re feeling or when something’s on your mind. Most likely, he’s extremely perceptive. There may even be times you’d like to hide your feelings from him a bit more but it just isn’t possible. He’s very observant when it comes to you. This also means he’s great at taking hints.


He’s a Man of Mystery

If there’s one thing you have to come to terms with about your Cancerian man, it’s this one. He’s a man of mystery. There’s a depth to him that not every man has. He’s probably not into sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings. There’s a part of him that will always remain a bit mysterious.


He Likes Affection

Cancerian men love affection. He’s probably very good at always kissing you hello and goodbye. He’s the kind of boyfriend or husband that’s very comfortable draping his arm along the back of your chair when you’re out with friends. Not only does he love to give affection but he loves to receive it. A back rub can be the way to his heart.


He’s Protective over You

Most Cancerian men are protective over their ladies. He’ll tend to be defensive if he thinks someone’s hurt you. He’ll pick you up to keep you from walking in the rain. He seems to always have your safety on his mind. This is something that not every girl gets to enjoy, so if your guy is like this, treasure it.


He’s a One Woman Man

Most Cancerian men are very faithful. If they’re with you, they’re totally with you. They don’t flirt with other women or even seem to notice them. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but on the whole, this is true of Cancerian men. Faithfulness is a trait to appreciate in your guy. It’s wonderful to know you can trust him so deeply.

These are 7 of the best things about dating a Cancerian man. Are these accurate of your Cancerian man? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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This fits my ex so well...however, they're also EXTREMELY emotional.

This was a great, and for me a pretty accurate account! I'm in love with a cancer man right now and those characteristic traits are things I've noticed/experienced! My guy is truly a gentleman.

I married to one Cancerian man, and there's other cancers I dated, I can guarantee that not all cancers can fit all those terms.

This is exactly the 7 great things about my boyfriend. I'm a Leo and have been wanting a guy like mine my whole life. He's liked me for 10 years, are timing finally was right and started dating. and OMG the best decision I made in my life!! He is more than a dream come true to me. I am so deeply in love with him, I feel his love everyday, I could marry him in a heart beat.

Oh no no no. I'm a Pisces, my cancer WANTS to talk about our feelings all the time. All. The. Time. I'm very mean at times when I feel too open and it's damaging but it's so annoying but I love him to pieces, and I'm 100% devoted to him. Cancer men are amazing beings.

ive been with a Cancer for two months now and he tells me everyday how much he loves me and its all true

I want to read one about a Cancerian woman (I'm a cancer)

I know a cancerian man who fits half the profile, there are so positive attributes to him but he's also very selfish...everything is all about him, about him being happy.and he fails dismally when it comes to number 7

I have never dated a cancer male... until recently... it's been almost a year now. When we first began getting to know each other he described himself as being very affectionate... well a almost a year later I have not seen that side of him. No hugs no kisses ... Any suggestions?

I am dating a cancerian man and the characteristics you have described are true.

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