7 Tips on Dating a Younger Man ...


7 Tips on Dating a Younger Man ...
7 Tips on Dating a Younger Man ...

Dating a younger man can have its rewards, but there are also the challenges. At one point or another I think every lady has a 'cub' per say. Here are a few tips to help you successfully maintain a relationship with a younger man. We all want the playfulness of a young man, but it can be hard to date someone that is so much younger than you. So girls, you ready to explore my top 7 tips on dating a younger man?

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Understand the Difference in Maturity

It’s no secret that guys tend to be immature as a whole, but the younger they are the less life experience they’ll have. It is important to remember that he generally won’t understand the problems you’re dealing with, and won’t take them as seriously as you. Take a step back and look at things through his perspective instead of getting frustrated. It will save you the energy! Also keep in mind their age -- if they are a lot younger than you!


Be Prepared for a Lack of Experience

Everyone knows it takes time to learn the proper ways a relationship works, from the intimate parts up to general communication, which means it takes a few tries before really getting it right. Be patient while your man learns the dos and don’ts of dating, and don’t be afraid to be honest with him if he crosses a line. It is far better to be honest than to keep all your problems to yourself.


Enjoy the Goofy

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a younger guy who still has the inner child bursting at the seams. Take advantage of it! Try to have fun even if he wants to spend a day at the park, make the most of the time and let your inner kiddy shine through. Young guys can really have fun anywhere, such as a pillow fight all the way to play wrestling. Enjoy it while you can girls!


Communication is Key

Let’s face it, he will need to learn a thing or two. Beyond all the fun times there will be the missteps. It is absolutely necessary to communicate with your man and let him know what is bothering you. If you don’t say anything, he’ll more than likely keep it up, especially if it’s something along the lines of teasing. Also, keep the lines of communication open -- even if he is younger, you'll need learn to communicate to one another!


Learn Something for Yourself

Life is all a giant learning experience. Take everything for what it’s worth. Along the road of life we tend to forget to enjoy ourselves, let your younger guy help you see that again. Don’t be afraid to drop to his level and have some fun! It's the time to loosen up and really let the inner kid in you come out! Who knows what you can learn from that person.


Be Patient

As women it’s natural for us to be more patient with things. It is important to keep that patience strong when you have to deal with the maturity level of a younger gentleman. Keep your cool, and more importantly don’t sweat the small stuff! Keep in mind that he’s learning and there will be times when you are ready to go nuts, contain yourself if possible, it is much more beneficial to 'keep calm and carry on'!


Accept Him as He is

This is really something that can be said for all relationships, but especially if you choose to date a younger guy. If you make the conscious decision to date down in age, then you probably realize that he will be less mature. Accept your man how he is; don’t try to change him because it is almost impossible to change anyone, not to mention everyone is unique in there own way! Embrace!

Well ladies, there you have it seven tips on dating a younger man, based of personal experience. Keep it fun, but stand your ground. Don’t let him get away with everything because he’s still a baby! What other tips do you have on dating a younger guy?

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hes not playing you hes testing you to see if you will still talk to him as friends.. some guys thing youll just stop talking after they say things like that. just keep texting keep it short and sweet..

What happens if the guy likes you and you like him but then ends up saying "idk I think we should just be friends" after he had just said I want to kiss you the day before that..

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