7 Birthday Gifts for Your Spouse ...


7 Birthday Gifts for Your Spouse ...
7 Birthday Gifts for Your Spouse ...

Behind every great gal there is a great guy, or so the saying goes; so when it comes to that special day of the year, let him know just how much you appreciate him with some of these birthday gifts for spouses. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, and you don’t even have to be super extravagant to let him know how much you appreciate him; these birthday gifts for spouses are thoughtful, sweet and even a little bit sentimental. You may even find that some are a bit, dare I say, racy (ooh la la)...

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A Special Dinner Date

While you could easily head to the store and buy anything off of the rack when it comes to birthday gifts for spouses, if you really want to leave an impression, how about reaching your hubby's heart through his stomach? You can either choose to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, or, you could opt to make him his favorite dinner at home. While you are cooking, maybe wear something a little racy. Don’t forget to dine by candlelight and enjoy feeding him the fruits of your labor.


A Rub down

With the physical and mental stresses that we go through on a daily basis, we can all stand to receive a little tension release from time to time. Give your husband a special rub down on his birthday. Turn the lights in your bedroom down low, scatter some flower petals about and play some sensual music. Invite him to lie down and enjoy a soothing experience while you rub away his stresses with aromatic oils.


Pictures of You

Get a little bit sentimental on your spouse’s birthday by giving him a gift that celebrates your life together. Create a collage or fill a photo album with pictures that document your lives; images from when you first started dating, photos the beginning of your marriage and photos of you with your children. Enjoy looking at the pictures and taking a walk down memory lane together.


Box of Indulgences

Everyone loves to indulge once in a while, so why not let your husband enjoy some indulgence on his birthday? Fill a box with some of his favorite things, like some of his favorite beers, cigars, snack foods and video games, for example. He will surely appreciate the opportunity you are giving him to enjoy the things that he really loves.



You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy a getaway together for your husband’s birthday. Pack a bag, reserve a room for the weekend or for just one nice hotel that isn’t too far away and head off together. Lock yourselves in the room and spend your getaway getting reacquainted with one another.


Message in a Bottle

I know that guys try to act tough, but even they appreciate hearing how much they are loved once in a while. For his birthday, write out a love letter for your husband, roll it up and put it inside a decorative bottle. Set the bottle beside his birthday breakfast in bed and let him enjoy reading how much he is appreciated.


A Moonlight Stroll

After the cake has been eaten and the gifts have been opened, ask a grandparent or a trusted friend to put the kids to bed for you and head out on a moonlight stroll together. Head to a park, go to the beach or anyplace else that has a romantic air to it. Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine so that you can stop and enjoy some quality time together mid-stroll.

It can sometimes be tough to remember to let our spouses know just how much we care for them with everything that goes on in our lives. On his birthday, take the time to really let him know how special he is. Which of these ideas sounds most appealing to you?

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I'm not so sure about the love letters, one maybe two would suffice. For my surprise birthday, I was given a tour around the stadium of my favourite soccer team. We went behind the scenes+saw where the players get ready. Us guys don't want poems on pink fluffy papers. Wkends in hotels are romantic, picnics are good.

Weekend away such a nice gift. Did that for my sweetie for Valentines Day. Weekend away to Niagara Falls. Had an amazing time. Bonus jacuzzi in the room ;)

Moonlight stroll love

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