Body Language to Avoid to Create a Good Impression on a First Date ...

In the world of romance and first dates, one of the most integral things to make sure that you nail on your first meeting with a potential new boo is the all-important first impression! You want to put forward the very best version of yourself, and this is down to a mixture of your look, your manners, your conversational skills, and, don’t forget, your body language! Here is a list of the body language to avoid on a first date if you want to create a good impression.

1. Chin Raise

You might not mean to, but when you raise your chin, it can look like two things: you are either being defiant, or you are turning your nose up at your date in an act of superiority. Annoyingly, this was a criticism that was used against Hillary Clinton a lot in the run-up to the US election. Men don’t like the feeling of women raising their chins at them!