7 Mannerisms to Be Aware of on a Date ...

By Heather

7 Mannerisms to Be Aware of on a Date ...

A lot of times, it can be hard to remember all of the mannerisms to avoid when you're on a date. Dating is hard, as you girls know, and remembering all of the different mannerisms to avoid isn't always right at the top of your mind when you are on a date. If you're heading out on a date and are wondering what mannerisms to stay away from this time, I've got my top 7 below! Take a look, girls; some of them might surprise you!

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1 Eat with Your Mouth Closed

You'd be surprised how many girls don't realize that this is one mannerism to avoid when you're on the date. Ladies, you are ladies, so make sure that you are eating with your mouth closed and that you aren't showing any chewed up food. Trust me, guys do not want to see what is inside your mouth when you are chewing! Actually, no one wants to see that -- would you?

2 No Tongue Kissing Right Away

The thing about this mannerism is that it is really all up to the individual. If you are feeling a tongue kiss right away, go for it! But girls, the very first kiss that you have should not be a french kiss. It can lead to something a little sloppy and it could give the guy the wrong idea. So keep your tongue at bay for a little while!

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3 Don't Talk Too Much

This is the biggest mannerism to avoid that a lot of women forget. If the guy that you are on a date with cannot seem to get a word in edgewise, then you shouldn't expect a second date. A guy wants the conversation to be equal and if you are constantly babbling on about your life and your family, he might take that the wrong way. So let him talk! Ask him questions; you'll be surprised how much he appreciates it!

4 Leave Some Mystery

Speaking of talking too much, another mannerism to avoid is putting all of your secrets right out there! You want to leave some mystery to yourself so that he has to work to get it. Have you been overseas and you haven't yet talked about traveling with him? Don't mention it yet, wait to reveal things about yourself little by little!

5 Don't Order Something Messy

When you are ordering food, the biggest mannerism to avoid is ordering something messy. You want to be able to eat your food – politely. The chili cheese fries might be okay if you are out with the girls, but on a date, that can be extremely messy. Just keep it classy girls!

6 No Expectations

When you are on a date, make sure that all of your expectations are at a minimum. This should be one for the guys too: guys, don't expect a girl to go bed with you on the first date. Girls, don't expect the guy to bring you flowers and then be disappointed when he doesn't. These expectations can ruin a date before it even gets started!

7 Don't Drink Too Much

Finally girls, the last mannerism to avoid on a date is to not drink a ton! Drinking can bring out a side of yourself you might not want your date to see right away. Keep it to a two drink minimum and see where that gets you, ladies!

Learning all of the mannerisms to avoid on a date is never easy, but it is necessary if you want a second date. So girls, what other mannerism to avoid do you know of? Any you can share?

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Great article! Wish more guys would keep some of these in mind, especially the tongue bit!!

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