8 Brilliant πŸ’‘ Ways to Stop πŸ›‘ Missing πŸ˜” Your Ex πŸ’” ...


Here’s the truth, break ups are the worst, even when they seem to be completely amicable at the time! Even if you are the one who called time on the relationship, there are definitely going to be moments in the aftermath where you start to miss him, and if you are the one who ended up being dumped, then that will certainly be the case because you will feel like there is a lot of unfinished business! What you really need to try do though, in order to move on, is stop thinking about him completely. Here are nine ways to stop missing your ex.

1. Confront Feelings

The best thing to do is confront your feelings and let them come to the surface, rather than forcing them deep down and letting them fester. Acknowledge that you miss your ex, maybe talk it through with someone, and in the end you might find that all you needed to do with verbalise your emotions for them to subside.

Change Your Mind
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