17 Ways to End a Relationship Peacefully ...


17 Ways to End a Relationship Peacefully ...
17 Ways to End a Relationship Peacefully ...

When you have gotten to the point where you have the intention to break up with a partner, it’s fair to say that things have gone far south from where they once were, but if the circumstances aren’t super dramatic, then you can still achieve a peaceful and civil conclusion if you make the effort. Some people just fall out of love sometimes, there doesn’t have to be a huge blowout and soap opera surrounding it! Here are seventeen ways to end a relationship peacefully.

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The Best Way to Make It Peaceful is to Ensure That Both of You Are Ready for It. It Might Be a Case Where You Both Know the Relationship is over but Neither of You Want to Take the Plunge and Admit It


Pick Your Time and Your Moment. Anytime near a Birthday or an Anniversary Isn’t Ever Ideal. if You Want to Be as Amicable as Possible You Need to Find a Neutral Time to do It


Always do It in Person. It is Much More Mature and Much Easier to Put Your Words Cross Face to Face Rather than via Text


Be Honest and Truthful with Your Partner. They Deserve to Know Exactly Why This is Happening, and the Truth Will Soften the Blow a Little


Don’t Avoid Them before Breaking up with Them, Because Doing This Will Only Add to a Build up of Stress and Tension That They Might Be Feeling

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Don’t Bring out Lots of Blame and Accusations as Part of the Split. Just Opt for a Clean Break That You Can then Move on from


Don’t Just Announce the Split and then Leave, Allow Your Ex to Have a Conversation with You That Might Help Bring Closure


Make Sure That You Give a Real Explanation of Why You Are Breaking up, Otherwise They Will Be Left Wondering and Not at Peace


Make Sure That You Yourself Know the Cause and Reason before Announcing the Split. It’s Vital That You Have Answers


Be Serious about It; Don’t Be Jokey or Sarcastic. They Deserve an Appropriate and Civil End to the Relationship


Make Sure That You Are Certain about It, Because if They Can Sense Some Confusion or Second Thoughts, They Won’t Be Able to Close the Chapter


If You Want to Avoid a Big Drama or Potential Harm to Yourself Both Mentally and Physically, You Can Always Opt to do It in a Public Place Where Other People Are around


Try to Avoid Clichés like “it’s Not You, It’s Me” Etc. They Don’t Help Anyone and They Don’t Sound Personal and Specific to Your Relationship


Don’t Get Someone else to do It for You, That is the Most Immature Thing That You Could Possibly do. You Were Adult Enough to Get into the Relationship, so You Are Adult Enough to Get out of It


Be Prepared for Negative Feedback from Your Ex. It’s Never Nice to Get Dumped, so Its Understandable That They Might Have Some Harsh Words for You as Their Initial Reaction


The Key is Not to Stick around for Too Long. Sure, Give Them Time Have That Discussion and Conversation with You, but when Things Start to Go round in Circles, It’s Time to Walk Away


Don’t Make the Breakup Take Weeks and Weeks. Be Proactive with Getting Your Stuff Back and Sorted out, and then Say a Final Goodbye That Can Lead to Real Closure

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