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Call the Cops the Guy I Work with Stole My Heart ...

By Neecey

We work with a certain person and suddenly we find ourselves attracted to them. What’s worse, sometimes we even convince ourselves that we have fallen in love with them. But, this sort of thing happens all too often. It is a very common workplace story around the world. Is there a reason why this story is so common? Are there reasons why co-workers start feeling attraction for each other? Is there something else at play that is affecting your thoughts, your emotions…and your sense of sanity? Here are seven possible explanations for suddenly feeling the way you do. You may be surprised!

1 You Are Probably Feeling Sexual Tension

You Are Probably Feeling Sexual Tension It is a classic scenario. For one reason or another, two people that work together closely start to feel sexual tension. After a kiss (or worse), they often recognize the fact they are completely wrong for each other. In addition, when they stop working with each other, their attraction seems to dissipate very quickly. Do not make the mistake that so many other people do and act on the feelings you have. Instead, distance yourself from the person and hang around other people, and soon you will see your feelings disappear.

2 Sometimes, What You See is What You Want

Sometimes, What You See is What You Want If you were living in a remote village where everybody was under 3-foot tall, eventually you would start being attracted to people that are 3-foot tall. The human mind is a complex computer, but sometimes our instincts and feelings are as basic as “Me see. Me want.”

3 There is Nobody else to Obsess over

There is Nobody else to Obsess over “Nature abhors a void,” which is a twist on what Aristotle said. When there is a hole, it is often filled. You are a fully formed woman in need of companionship, sex, affection and love. You have to spend a great deal of time at work, and the fact is there is nobody to obsess over or think about, so you fill the void. You consciously or unconsciously pick a person at work and obsess very quietly and subtly until it builds into faux feelings of affection or love. It is not real; it is just a reaction to a void in your life.

4 Familiarity Breeds Contempt…and Other Feelings

Familiarity Breeds Contempt…and Other Feelings Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, and sometimes it makes people attracted to each other. Your attraction to the man at work may be nothing more than the fact he is around you more than other people are. Remember that it is easy to become infatuated with somebody that you hang around with all the time.

5 Is It Your Time of the Month

Is It Your Time of the Month If you underestimate the power of your emotions when you are coming close to, and on, your period, then you are probably a man. The power of the hormones women feel are legendary and something no man could ever fully grasp. They change a woman’s personality, her thought process, her libido, and even her sense of self. Do not overlook the role of your hormones if you suddenly and inexplicably find yourself attracted to a man at work.

6 Bored, Bored, so Bored You Would Rather do Anything else

Bored, Bored, so Bored You Would Rather do Anything else Having a crush or a special somebody at work is exciting. If you have a job and not a career, then your work life may be very boring. Before you run off into the sunset with the man at work, consider the fact that you may just be searching for a way to break the boredom at work. If you do run off together, you may find you are wrong for each other.

7 Is He the opposite of the Guy You Are Dating Now?

Is He the opposite of the Guy You Are Dating Now? Sometimes it is not an actual attraction to the person at work. Sometimes it is the “idea” of the person at work. Attraction sometimes occurs when another person is very different from your current partner. There is a sort of novelty behind dating the person from work because they are so different, but it is not a good basis for a relationship.

Lots of people meet their partners at work – why not – it’s place where you are confined to spending time with a limited number of people. But it is important to examine your true feelings when you have a crush on someone you work with. Be sure it’s for the right reasons.

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