17 Classic Board Games for Couples to Play on Rainy Days ...

By Holly

You don't have to go out on exciting dates in order to have fun with your partner. You can enjoy yourselves right on the living room floor. Here are a few classic board games for couples to play on rainy days:

Table of contents:

  1. life
  2. monopoly
  3. battleship
  4. trouble
  5. scrabble
  6. checkers
  7. chess
  8. boggle
  9. candy land
  10. clue
  11. operation
  12. trivial pursuit
  13. jenga
  14. pictionary
  15. guess who
  16. chutes and ladders
  17. yahtzee

1 Life


In this game, you get married and buy a house. It can spark conversations about your real life plans for where you want to hold your wedding and where you want to live in the future.

2 Monopoly


If you've ever played this game before, you know it can get pretty brutal. But if you and your man are meant to be, then you'll be able to finish a game without hating each other by the end of it.

3 Battleship


If you can read your partner's face well, then you shouldn't have too much trouble winning this little game.

4 Trouble


**This is an easy game that you two can play when you want to relax. There aren't too many rules to learn, so you'll be able to have a conversation about something fun without getting confused about whose turn it is or what to do next.

5 Scrabble


If you both love words, then this is the perfect game to play. Instead of relying on luck, it forces you to use your brain power.

6 Checkers


There must be a checker board around the house somewhere. Pull it out and challenge your boyfriend to a few rounds. If you can't find one, then just visit Cracker Barrel to play.

7 Chess


If you don't know how to play chess yet, then it's time to learn. It'll help you keep your brain active, because it requires a lot of skill and strategy.

8 Boggle


Here's another great game for word lovers. It'll help you see which one of you has the largest vocabulary.

9 Candy Land


You can act like kids again by playing a game that's meant for children. Candy Land is a classic, so challenge each other to a few rounds while sitting underneath a blanket fort.

10 Clue


This game works best with a lot of players, so invite some of your couple friends over. Then you can see who's the Sherlock Holmes of your group.

11 Operation


Who has the steadier hand? You'll find out if you play this game together.

12 Trivial Pursuit


This game will help you see who holds the most knowledge about random facts.

13 Jenga


See how high you two can stack the blocks without making them fall.

14 Pictionary



If you're both artists, you'll love playing this game. Of course, if you both suck at drawing, it'll be even more fun.

15 Guess Who


If you want to make the game more personal, you can replace the character's faces with pictures of your friends and family.

16 Chutes and Ladders


This is another game meant for little kids, but you can relive your childhood by playing it together. It'll be great practice for when you have kids of your own.

17 Yahtzee


This game requires both skill and luck. You need to use your brain, but you also have to pray that the dice will be on your side that day.

Go out and buy these games, so you two have something fun to do on rainy days. What's your favorite board game?

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