7 Crafty Games to Create for Your Man ...


7 Crafty Games to Create for Your Man ...
7 Crafty Games to Create for Your Man ...

There are crafty games that you can easily create in order to make your man feel special. Some are romantic while others are just plain silly and fun. If you want to make him smile, surprise your man with some of these crafty games! When he’s finished playing, reward him with a kiss.

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Couple’s Crossword

If your boyfriend or hubby enjoys doing your daily newspaper’s crossword puzzle, then why not make your own for him to try? Use edtools.mankindforward.com to create your own answers and clues. This is one of the crafty games you can make romantic by asking where your first date was and what your song is. Just don’t make it too difficult for him. You want to make him smile by thinking of memories with you, not test him on your relationship. You don’t want the fun activity to lead to fighting.


This crafty game is a great way to show your man that you care. You can create your own crossword puzzle for him to do with answers and clues that are meaningful to your relationship. Use edtools.mankindforward.com to create the puzzle and make it special by asking questions about your first date, your song, or any other memories you have together. Just make sure it's not too difficult so it doesn't lead to any fighting. This is a great way to show your man that you care and that you want to do something special for him.


Witty Word Search

If he prefers simple word searches, think up words that you both share a love of. Try using your favorite actor’s name or the name of the restaurant you two frequent. If you want the word search to be a bit steamier, add sexual words. If you want a romantic air, list the traits that you love about him. The choice is all yours! Just go to puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com.


Tiny Treasure Hunt

This one takes a bit more effort. Create clues to leave in different areas of his or your house. Put the first one somewhere visible that he’s sure to notice, like on his bedside or attached to the fridge. You can make the clues into riddles or bluntly tell him to go to the place you had your first kiss. At the end, give him a reward for all of his hard work. You can be sitting at the finish line or have a gift waiting for him.


Good Old Guess Who

Do you still have that old Guess Who game laying around? Switch the game up by making things a bit more personal. Instead of guessing the characters that come printed on the game board, replace their pictures with something new. Print out tiny pictures of people that you and your man both associate with or locations or pets. If it’s easier, you can skip the pictures and simply write out the names of people. Tape them over the original pictures and you have a brand new game!


Sweet Storytelling

You don’t need any supplies for this game. All you have to do is talk with your guy. Create a scenario for you to discuss, like being stranded on an island or going on your dream vacation. You start by telling the first piece of the story and then your man continues with the next piece. You keep going back and forth until the story is complete. You can have a good laugh if you make things silly or get romantic if the story takes a more serious route.


Exploring for Easter Eggs

It doesn’t have to be Spring to enjoy some Easter fun! This game is good for guys who don’t mind channeling their inner child. Buy some plastic Easter eggs and put little treats inside. Your man’s favorite candy or little love notes will work just fine. He’ll appreciate your sweetness.


Brave Blindfolding

Blindfold your man and let him taste some of your best cooking. Have him guess what each dish is and tell you what he thinks of it. Try to make his favorite things so that his surprise is a good one. You don’t want to give him something he can’t stand. If you're old enough and adventurous enough, save the blindfold for some extra fun in the bedroom.

If you’re ever bored, make one of these games for your man to play. If he enjoys it, create another one so that he’s kept entertained. Have you ever surprised your boyfriend or hubby with something fun?

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