10 Creative Anniversary Gifts for Your Special Someone ...


10 Creative Anniversary Gifts for Your Special Someone ...
10 Creative Anniversary Gifts for Your Special Someone ...

Whether your anniversary is around the holiday season or heading into next year, here are some creative anniversary gifts you can give to mark the special occasion.

Think about what you both have enjoyed as a couple and try these really cool creative anniversary gifts.

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His and Hers

Grab a matching pair of clothes, towels, or something else the two of you can use together. “If you want to opt for a practical and reusable anniversary present, consider making his and her coffee mugs with something personal and relevant written on each mug,” Bride Box explains. The present will be something you can connect over and use often and is one of my favorite creative anniversary gifts.


Make Origami

Did you pass paper notes to each other in the past? BigDIYIdeas suggests making “a simple origami envelope for him.” The best part about learning how to make origami is that you can create several animals or objects that can relate to your relationship and what he likes.


Gifts That Mark Time

Some of the best anniversary presents acknowledge the time you have spent together. Presents related to time can include watches and photo albums. Remember how cute the scrapbook in the Disney movie “Up” was? Other presents related to time can signify the milestones you've reached together. Buy presents with the number one, five, twenty-five, or even fifty as you reach of them.


Planned Dates

Another gift that keeps on giving involves writing down future date plans. You can write it in the IOU format with information on the location and activity, then place the date in a mason jar for when the two of you want to go out and have fun. Happy Wives Club says, “create 12 dates, arrange them in advance, label the envelopes, and let your hubby open one each month.”


Basket of His Favorite Things

“Stick with a traditional present by creating a special-made gift basket.” Bride Box suggests. Think stocking gifts he would like. Stuff a basket will all of his favorite snacks, cologne, or other things you could think of that he would really like.


A Present That Goes with His Hobby

Is he into food, gaming, or sports? You can give him his favorite food, a new game, or updated fitness gear.


Cook a Favorite Meal

If you like to cook then you can make his favorite dish. Have fun decorating for the dinner. Sometimes the gift of an experience is better than a material gift.


Memory Lane

Remember in "Friends" when Ross accused Rachel of giving away presents he gives her and she pulled out a box with memory items? Pull out those memories and reflect on them.

BigDIYIdeas suggests making a “ticket stub memory box.” With this idea you can frame your movie tickets, concert tickets, and other outings you both went to!


“Open when” Letters

This will be another gift that keeps on giving. Write “open letters to encourage him,” BigDIYIdeas suggests. Work on letters to your significant other and on the envelope write “open when you are sad”, or “open when you are really happy.” With these letters you will always be there for hime whe he really needs someone.


“Why I Love You” Jar

When celebrating an anniversary, think about how much the man in your life means to you. Think about what you admire about him. Write those ideas down and place them in a jar for him to read. The Happy Wives Club refers to this gift as “52 Things I Love About You.”

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