7 Disastrous Dates Weve All Had ...

By Alison

7 Disastrous Dates Weve All Had ...

Everyone has a number of disastrous dates in their dating history. They're memorable for all the wrong reasons, and almost put you off dating for life. Here are some of the disastrous dates we've all had …

1 Overly Personal

One of the disastrous dates I've had was with a guy who was clearly only after one thing, despite having stated he was looking for a committed relationship. He thought it appropriate to ask highly personal questions about my sexual experiences on our first date. Needless to say, there was no second date. He'd have done better to advertise on Craigslist …

2 I Paid for Dinner

Then there's the guy who takes it as a given that the evening will end in sex. Does he think that he deserves it because he paid for the date? Or because all women are up for it? Or does he think he's so irresistible that you're bound to want him? Either way, a sense of entitlement isn't what I'd call respectful.

3 The Octopus

You've probably dated the guy who is a bit too free with his hands. I once arranged to meet up with a guy for what I thought was a friendly drink and nothing more. He didn't waste much time putting his hands where they weren't welcome, and failed to get the message that I wasn't interested. He also thought he was going to be invited up to my place. Not a chance.

4 It Was All Her Fault!

Someone who spends their time bitching about their exes is rather helpfully indicating that they're not good dating material. Take it as a warning: if you continue to see this guy, he'll do the same to you one day. It also suggests that he doesn't have much respect for women. Someone who blames their ex for everything will not take responsibility for making a relationship successful. And women can be just as bad.

5 Leaves You with the Bill

I once had a date that was so disastrous that I seriously considered making a swift exit through the bathroom window. It was a pity I didn't - when I returned there was no sign of him, and he hadn't paid. Fortunately we'd only ordered drinks and not dinner. Always make sure you have enough to pay for the bill …

6 My Favorite Subject is … Myself

Then there's the date who spends the entire evening talking about one topic - himself. He's clearly not the least bit interested in you or anything about you. If this guy had to choose a specialised subject for a quiz show, it would be himself. Unless you're keen to be president of his fan club, make a swift exit - there's no room in his life for anyone else.

7 Nothing like the Picture

Have you ever had trouble spotting your date at the arranged rendezvous? A particular risk with internet dates is that the person who turns up to meet you looks absolutely nothing like the picture on their profile. It's either a very old photo - or not actually their picture.

Dates that go horribly wrong do actually have their uses. It weeds out the unsuitable candidates, and helps you to realise what you want. It also gives you a wealth of amusing stories to share. What happened on your worst ever date?

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