Do πŸ€” Opposites πŸ”€ Really Attract πŸ’•?


Ever wondered do opposites really attract? Are you in a relationship, but you have fights often because your tastes are a little different? And you are seriously considering breaking up in hopes you will find someone with whom you will be more β€œcompatible” even if you really love the man you are with now despite all the arguments?

Better take a breath and evaluate the situation before you take any rushed decisions. Ask yourself this: What is really the reason you are fighting? Is it some unimportant thing like the movie you will go to see or the music in the car or do you actually fight over these small things because you are both angry about something else and always on the lookout for a good opportunity to start a fight? So, do opposites really attract?

1. Negotiate

If you count out the breakup option as a last resort, the solution is one in both occasions. Talk. Simple but effective. When you are arguing about music or movies or something else, just negotiate a little. Most of the time this works, and it is quite simple. Yes, you might be obligated to see a movie you don’t like but your partner will be also obligated to let you pick the music in the car next time you go for a ride. You might find yourself going to a bar you don’t particularly like but equally, your partner will be going with you to that art gallery you wanted to see.

Talk It out
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