Do You Understand Your Man ?

By Curtis

Have you ever told your girlfriends “I don’t understand my man sometimes”? Have you ever asked, do you understand your man? If so, this is for you.

According to Steve Harvey, men have three things that define them: the title they hold, the money they make, and what they do in life. Harvey also goes into how men place their women after achieving their three primary goals. First, men will give their woman a title (i.e. girlfriend, fiancée, and wife). Then men will go out of their way to please their women by doing whatever needs to be done, for example, painting the kitchen cabinets or rearranging the living room. And men will do their best to really listen and hear their woman. The last part is the hardest thing to do because we men are more the “fix it” type rather than the “hear it” type.

Once you ladies see your men as who they are, what they do, and how much they make, then you can really picture yourself where you are in their life. Yes, it may seem confusing, however, you will be more inclined to understand why your man may be struggling in his life. Men are not difficult, but they do operate differently than you ladies. Men do not operate off of emotions, but rather by logic and reasoning. By accepting and acknowledging this factor, I guarantee your man will be more inclined to attend to all your needs. Try it out. You’ll be amazed by the mindset of your man. You'll not only be amazed by the mindset of your man, but you will see the difference in how he treats you.

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