Dont Let These 17 Things Weigh You down in Life ...

By Heather

There are a lot of things that can hold you back when you are in a relationship or even in life. Don't let them! Live your life and really get to know yourself. Below are some of the top things that hold me back – don't let it happen to you.

Table of contents:

  1. your way of thinking
  2. the person that you think other people want you to be
  3. life is a 'dress rehearsal'
  4. the fear of discomfort
  5. your past failures
  6. the habits you've developed
  7. all the useless information you're being stuffed with
  8. false beliefs
  9. all the negative friends
  10. the need to be constantly doing
  11. your parents relationship
  12. the way you thought your life would be
  13. greed
  14. complacency
  15. is stress a bad thing?
  16. poor self image
  17. your mental health
  18. your past partners

1 Your Way of Thinking

You have a way that you think and you make a hell of a lot of assumptions about a hell of a lot of things. That can weigh you down a lot – it does me all of the time.

2 The Person That You Think Other People Want You to Be

This holds me back a hell of a lot time too. People expect me to be a rockstar, expect me to be reliable, expect me to be anything but what I want to be.

3 Life is a 'dress Rehearsal'

If you constantly think that you are 'preparing' for life, you'll never actually live.

4 The Fear of Discomfort

You've got to get over the discomfort of life. Seriously. Life is out there and it's uncomfortable.

5 Your past Failures

You cannot dwell on the past. It doesn't do anything but hold you back.

6 The Habits You've Developed

Remember #1? The way you think? This is the same thing. Ditch some of those habits you have; they are holding you back.

7 All the Useless Information You're Being Stuffed with

In this day and age, we have so much information being thrown at us, it's hard to shut our brains off. Ditch the useless information and make time for yourself and your partner.

8 False Beliefs

There are some beliefs that you might be clinging onto that actually have no facts behind them. Let them go!

9 All the Negative Friends

Oh my gosh, this is huge. If someone is constantly negative around you, get rid of them. You need positivity, not someone that is negative all the time.

10 The Need to Be Constantly Doing

Sometimes, you just need to chill. Sometimes, you need to not do anything. Be still for a while.

11 Your Parents Relationship

I constantly compare my marriage to my parents marriage – that isn't right. My marriage is so different and that's the way it should be.

12 The Way You Thought Your Life Would Be

Yes, sure, you had a way that you thought your life would be. It might turn out that way or might not, but don't let that hold you back!

13 Greed

The need to have a ton of money, all of the love, everything to be perfect. Let that go!

14 Complacency

There are so many relationships that are ruined by this. Don't let it happen to you.

15 Is Stress a Bad Thing?

Stress is not always a bad thing - keep that in mind.

16 Poor Self Image

Your self image is the biggest thing that can hold you back.

17 Your Mental Health

And physical health.

18 Your past Partners

This is big. Your past can haunt you in many ways, especially when it comes to your previous partners.

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