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The Right Man Will Having You Thinking These 17 Happy Thoughts ...

By Holly

Relationships aren't meant to be filled with fights and tears. If your boyfriend makes you cry more than he makes you smile, you two shouldn't be together. You should hold out for a man who's actually worth your time. To tell whether or not you're with the right person, here are a few thoughts that will go through your head once you meet the right man:

1 I'm Beautiful

I'm Beautiful You don't need a man to feel good about yourself. Of course, it can't hurt. The right man won't make you question your beauty, because you'll feel gorgeous every time he looks at you.

2 I’m More than a Body

I’m More than a Body You shouldn't date a man who views you as a sex object. You should be with someone who loves your personality just as much as your body.

3 Not All Boys Suck

Not All Boys Suck Your boyfriend should prove that good men do exist. They're just hard to find.

4 It’ll Work out in the End

It’ll Work out in the End You've had some pretty crummy experiences in the past. However, the right man will make you realize that everything works out in the end.

5 I’m Valuable

I’m Valuable Your boyfriend should treat you like an equal. He should make you see how valuable you are.

6 I Deserve to Be Treated Right

I Deserve to Be Treated Right You don't deserve the hell that your exes put you through. You deserve to be treated the way you're being treated now, by the love of your life.

7 Life is Great

Life is Great You should be happy to get out of bed each morning. After all, the sooner you get up, the sooner you'll get to see your boyfriend.

8 Relationships Are Worth It

Relationships Are Worth It Once you find the right guy, you'll realize that all of the effort relationships require are worth it. It pays off in the end.

9 I’m Not Alone

I’m Not Alone Your boyfriend should be there for you morning, noon, or night. He should make it clear that you're not alone, and you never will be again.

10 I’m Lucky

I’m Lucky When you find the right man, you'll feel like the luckiest woman in the world. After all, most girls would kill for a relationship like yours.

11 I’m a Good Girlfriend

I’m a Good Girlfriend A good boyfriend will make you feel like a good girlfriend. You won't question yourself, because he won't give you any reason to.

12 I’m Looking Forward to the Future

I’m Looking Forward to the Future Think of all of the fun things you'll get to do, like move in together, get married, and have babies.

13 I Accept My Flaws

hair, facial expression, face, person, nose, The right guy will love your flaws. It'll make you see that you aren't as bad as you always thought you were. In fact, you're pretty amazing!

14 I Believe in Myself

I Believe in Myself Your boyfriend should support you. He should help you achieve any and all goals.

15 I’m Happy

I’m Happy Relationships shouldn't make you cry. They're meant to enhance your life.

16 I’m Loved

I’m Loved You shouldn't have to guess whether or not he still loves you. It should be obvious how he feels.

17 I Am in Love

I Am in Love When you find the right guy, you won't wonder whether or not you're in love. You'll know it.

You shouldn't settle down until you find a man who makes you think these thoughts. Do you think your boyfriend is the right one for you?

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