8 Topics to Avoid While Dating ...


Dating can be a minefield, and so can knowing what topics to avoid while dating – as if first dates weren’t awkward enough! Sometimes you are just glad that there is any conversation at all, even if it is about his mum’s health conditions or an argument over political beliefs. If you are hoping for a future, though, or at least a second date, here are some topics to avoid while dating.

1. Your Exes

Okay, so this one sounds like an obvious dating faux-pas, right? You’d be surprised how many people commit it. Sometimes you can just be trying to prove that you haven’t been single for centuries, or that you’ve dated someone hot/a model/the CEO of Apple…however cool you are trying to make yourself look, your date is more likely to be thinking they can’t compete – or perhaps even considering asking your ex for a date. Your ex is a definiate topic to avoid while dating!



Lil Lou Lou
Hahaha I was gonna ask that. Assuming we have already been talking for a while before our first date and that included all the basics and all the open ended questions. Then what do we talk about ?? On our actual first date ??
What do we talk about then? the weather???
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