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Are you meeting your boyfriends parents for the first time and looking for things not to say to his parents? I've got the list for you! Below, I'll go over the top 7 things not to say to his parents the first time meeting them – or sometimes ever! We've got everything from sex talk all the way to religious views. So ladies, you ready to learn some things not to say to his parents that could totally save you from having awkward conversations?

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Any Sex Talk

When you are meeting his parents for the very first time, it might be a good idea not to mention sex. Not only because it could be an awkward conversation, but because most parents don't really want to hear about it. Don't mention that you're having it – not until you get to know his parents a little bit better!


Pressuring Marriage

Just because you are meeting his parents for the first time does not give you the right to pressure him about an engagement ring or marriage. One thing not to say to his parents is 'where's my ring now?'. This could make it awkward for your boyfriend overall!


Religious Views

Your religion might be the exact same as your boyfriend's and if that is the case, feel free to mention it to his parents! If you have a different religion from his parents though, it could be a sticky point. So ladies, one of the things not to say to his parents might revolve around your religious views!


Political Views

This thing not to say to his parents goes hand-in-hand with the religious views. Maybe you have the same political reviews as your boyfriend's family though, then this could actually help you. But if you are a liberal democrat and they are conservative republicans, you might just want to keep the politics off of the table until you know them better!



Oh ladies, if you bring up grandchildren at all, his parents might consider that a hint that you are pregnant right now. One thing not to say to his parents revolves around grandchildren. All parents want grandchildren, but that doesn't mean that you want them right now! Wait until you know them better, then bring up grand kids!


Decorating Tastes

Just because you don't like the retro feeling that they have going on in their house, doesn't mean that they don't like it. One thing not to say to his parents is to comment on their decorating style. It could actually hurt their feelings!


No Opinions Please

Finally, when you are meeting your boyfriend's parents for the very, very first time, keep a lot of your negative opinions to yourself. You don't want to come off as rude or anything, so just be as positive as possible and they will love you!

There you have it ladies, my top 7 things not to say to his parents! So ladies, have you ever had something that you've said to his parents but you wish you could take back? How was your first meeting?

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This article isn't things to "never" say to his parents, but it's things not to say when you first meet them and wait until you're comfortable and know them better.

My boyfriend parent really like me they are strange they are unusual they actually talk about that and about us having kids and a lot more

I want to meet my boyfriends parents but they died alredy... :(

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