7 First Date Deal Breakers ...

Meeting the right guy can be tough, so prepare for it by understanding which behaviors are your first date deal breakers. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship, why waste your time on the wrong guy? You could be missing out on the perfect guy by floundering around with the wrong ones. If you don’t know what your first date deal breakers are, how will you find Mr. Right?

1. He’s Late

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I’m a stickler about being on time for things, including dates. I do understand that unexpected delays sometimes happen. If a guy however, is “fashionably late” for our first date, without any explanation, it is usually one of my first date deal breakers. If I really like him, I might overlook it this once. If he makes a habit of being late, I consider it to be a waste of my time.

2. The Ex

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I don’t want to hear about the ex on our first date. If a guy constantly complains about the shortcomings of his ex, I get bored very quickly. It also makes me wonder what he’ll be telling his future dates about me. I want to be his main focus on our first date, not the ex. I promise to leave my exes out of our first date dinner conversation if he’ll do the same.

3. Manners

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I’m no Emily Post, but I’d like to think I have a decent grasp of basic dating etiquette. Is it too much to ask that a fella chews with his mouth closed at dinner? Aren’t we supposed to be putting our best foot forward on a first date? Complaining about menu prices is also a huge red flag. I’m simply too old to deal with a cheap guy who lacks basic manners on a date.

4. Sloppy Drinker

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I enjoy a cocktail or two when I go out, so I certainly don’t mind if my date likes to drink. I just don’t want to end up calling a cab because he got too drunk to take me home. If he can’t pace himself, that’s a problem. I understand if he has first-date jitters. I probably have them, too. But, if a guy turns into a sloppy drunk halfway through the date, I’m finding my own ride home.

5. Self-Absorbed

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If I agree to go on a date, it’s because I’m genuinely interested in the guy. This means I’d like to hear what he has to say. It’s a real turn-off when a guy is too self-absorbed to hear what I have to say, too. I’m not implying that he shouldn’t feel free to talk a lot on our first date. I just want to know that he is interested enough to ask questions.

6. Appearance

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I appreciate it when a guy kicks it up a notch by dressing to impress. He doesn’t have to be a fashion aficionado or wear expensive clothes. I just like to know he cared enough to put some thought into his appearance. I always hmm and ha about my outfit before a first date, but I don’t expect him to go that far. He just needs to look nice and smell good.

7. Respect

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If I must repeatedly refuse a guy’s advances on a first date, that puts me in a very awkward position. It also shows me that he isn’t respecting my boundaries. Chances are good, it will be even worse on our second date, so there probably won’t be one. If I feel disrespected on our first date, we are either incompatible or one of us is being unreasonable. Disrespect is a huge deal breaker.

Since most people aim to impress on a first date, this gives us a chance to see what a new guy is like when he’s at his best. What are some things you absolutely cannot tolerate on a first date?

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