10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Be Aware of ...


10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Be Aware of ...
10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Be Aware of ...

Relationship Deal Breakers can be things that you might not even be aware that you are doing. The smallest and simplest thing in the world could, actually be one of the many relationship deal breakers for your man. Below, I've detailed out the relationship deal breakers that I've come across – that way at least you know what is off limits!

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Not Backing Your Man up

This is a biggie girls. If you don't back up your man is whatever he does or says (within reason mind you), it could be one of the relationship deal breakers that could break you up! A man likes to know that his girlfriend is going to be there no matter what – so show him by backing him up!


Playing the Jealousy Card Too Much

I hate, hate, hate when men and women constantly try to make their partner jealous. A little jealousy here and there is okay, but keep it to a minimum. There is a difference between flirting with a guy that works at a gas station that pumps your gas to grinding up on a guy that isn't your boyfriend in a club. Keep it classy, not trashy ladies!



This is a huge one and one that I am actually guilty of too. Men want to feel important, want to feel secure in their relationship and want to be paid attention to. One of the biggest relationship deal breakers is actually their women neglecting them. Remember this one okay ladies?


Any Lies

So you think that the occasional white lie is okay right? That is, until your guy finds out about it. When you lie to your boyfriend, it is hard to gain back that trust. Just keep it open and honest – it's better that way.


Criticizing & Judging

How would you feel if you were constantly judged and criticized? Most women would go haywire if their man critiqued what they wore, what they eat, how they talked – what do you do to your boyfriend? Do you constantly judge him, constantly criticize him?


Disappearing without Notice

We all need our 'me' time. I get that, I need some 'me' time sometimes too, just let your guy know where you are! This is one of the biggest relationship deal breakers out there. Men like to know where their girlfriends are at – not all of the time mind you, but they at least like to be kept in the loop.


Withholds Sex

Oh-em-gee, I hate this trick. In a relationship, you should never use sex to dominate your man. It's the quickest way to lose him and definitely the worst way to make a reputation for yourself. Remember, men talk too.


Constantly Drinking

Drinking with the guys is fine, drinking with your girlfriends is even cool, but if you are constantly drunk – what guy would have fun with you? You want a guy that is going to like you tipsy and sober. You want to remember the night that you had with your man right?


Too Poor

If you can't afford a cell phone bill, rent or even a a dinner out, you really shouldn't be in a relationship. Guys, this goes for you too – if you can't take your lady out, that can definitely be a relationship deal breaker! You don't have to be rich, you just have to have enough money for savings and not to be completely broke all of the time.


No Phone Calls Just Emails

When you are in a relationship, you have to nurture it. It isn't something that you can use technology for. If you are a technology-driven person – use the phone, see your boyfriend. Don't just use emails or texts, it's not way to have a relationship.

There are many different relationship deal breakers that could potentially put your relationship in danger. If you find yourself committing one or more of these relationship deal breakers – stop it! It might be hard, but it'll be worth it in the end. What tricks and tips do you use to nurture your relationship and keep is happy and healthy?

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My now ex of 3 months used to always put herself & her playstation before me, neglecting me... I now have a wonderful girlfriend who is just the opposite... And treats me so well!...:)

I just found your site, it's fabulous! I would add that TOO poor is more about living beyond your means then savings or living paycheck to paycheck. Creativity is free! A homecooked meal made of all his or your favorites is far more romantic then just a reservation at then newest hottest eatery AND it says that you can weather the storms of life with grace and wisdom . The time it takes to create something personal and thoughtful is FAR more valueable then even a great dinner out.

The withholds sex applied in my situation. It led to me cheating and breaking off with the ex. If she doesn't wanna get close, there is always another girl who can give u some good lovin'.

What happens when both of you are poor?? Any chance of a relationship survival?

I have one: Ditch your girlfriends. I have got girlfriends who I stop seeing as soon as they are seeing a guy. It's like, they disappear It's like, ' Hey, you got plans?' ' Nah, I am with Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. Everything is the guy. I am cool with it because this is a big step in your life. No jealousy. But a woman who is a true friend will feel hurt because our relationship is neglected. The way I see it, as friend, we have like a relationship too, friendship- getting our nails and hair done, go shopping, go to lunch, do the crap we used to do before we were with someone. For me, it doesn't change just because you're seeing someone or I am seeing someone. My life doesn't revolve around my man. My life also includes my friends, my career, my family, my church. I tell you, these girlfriends disappear, but when shit goes down, they come back. Phone's ringing, can't stop texting, I don't give a shit. No way am I babysitting because where were you when I was going through my own shit? Please. Since everything was about the guy, then you go cry to him, screw it.

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