7 Flirty Texts to Send Your Crush That Aren't Too Forward ...


There are plenty of different kinds of flirty texts to send your crush. You don’t have to blatantly tell him how you feel about him, or ask him out on a date. All you have to do is show your playful side, and show him how much you care. If you’re running low on ideas, here are a few simple flirty texts to send your crush:

1. This Reminded Me of You

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There’s nothing sweeter than being told this. Just make sure that you pick something that makes sense. You don’t want to tell him that the suit you saw would look perfect on him during his wedding day. Stick to telling him that a TV character, or a song, or a bumper sticker reminded you of him. This is one of the flirty texts to send your crush that will let him know he’s on your mind, but won’t make him think you’re obsessed with him.

Miss Me?


HOOOOLLY!! Those texts are CREEPY.
Thanx a lot!!!!!!!! I really needed this .....
Sally Kim
This is really cute
The miss me thing would freak a lot of guys out
I really needed this lol👍
Love it
Neshe R Antelis
You're right on lil sister!
Andie Thacker
Thanks! This will really help me out. It's exactly the type of thing I need for what I'm going through.
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