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19 Signs You're Obsessed with Him and How to Stop ...

By Alissa

Have you been showing the signs you’re obsessed with him? My big sister always told me when she thought I was obsessing over a guy, and I'd always roll my eyes and disagree. Little did I know, my sister was right. If I would have put more attention towards other things and not towards whatever guy I was obsessing over, I would have been better off. Here are a few signs you're obsessed with him, and how to stop.

1 Your Mind

If you’re a little obsessed with him, you won’t be able to get him out of your mind. If you are constantly thinking of him while you’re walking your dog, while you’re eating, while you’re chatting with your friends, while you’re doing your homework, while you’re at work, while you’re showering and while you’re falling asleep, then this must just be one of the sure signs you're obsessed with him.

2 You Spend All Your Time on Him

Do you ever have time to yourself, or are you constantly spending all of your time on him? If you’re spending all of your time on him, that is just a tad bit obsessive, don’t you think? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with spending some of your time on him, but girl, you have got to start thinking a bit about yourself. It is okay for you to have a night out with the girls or just stay in and do something for yourself – you don’t have to focus on him 24/7. Besides, lady to lady, guys don’t really like it when you focus on them all the time – they want to be out of the spotlight every now and then.

3 You Spy on His Friends List

Here’s another sign you’re obsessed with him – you’re constantly spying on his Facebook and/or Twitter account. Whenever another girl sends him a tweet or posts a Facebook message on his wall, you spend hours looking through her pictures and learning all about her. I used to do this back in the day and I regret it, because it wasted my time.

4 You’ve Read All of His Facebook Entries

Not only have you thoroughly researched every Facebook message, but you have also read all of his entries, down to the final one. Let me ask you a question – how long did it take you to read all of his Facebook entries? I wasn’t keeping up with the time, but I believe it took me a total of 2 or 3 hours. It's time to log off and spend some time with a real, live human being. Maybe have lunch with a friend?

5 You Have a Ringtone for Him

Do you have your own ringtone for him? Whenever you hear a ringtone that is even similar to his ringtone, does your heart skip a beat? I think this one is cute, but if it is combined with the other signs, then it’s an obsession.

6 You Want to Marry Him

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to marry a guy, but this definitely has to go on my list of the signs you’re obsessed with him. Whenever a girl is obsessed with a guy, there are always continuous thoughts of marriage. If you have purchased bridal magazines, compared prices of wedding gowns and looked at rings and he hasn’t even mentioned marrying you, then you might be a tad bit too obsessed. Slow down, sweetie! Rather than planning your future, start enjoying the now!

7 You Constantly Dream of Having His Baby

For my last sign, I have listed you dream of having his baby. Come on, whenever we watch a movie or read a book where a girl is overly obsessed, doesn’t she always dream of having his baby? Wait … do you constantly dream of having his baby? It's time to slow it down!

8 You Think You See Him Everywhere

Do you freak out when you go to the mall, because every three seconds you think you see him? If he's on your mind so often that you start hallucinating about him when he's nowhere to be found, you need to calm yourself down. Even if he was around, so what? You can't go too crazy over the idea of seeing him.

9 You Mention Him in Every Conversation

Do your friends roll their eyes whenever you mention his name? If so, it's probably because you've found a way to bring him up during every single conversation. If you can't go five minutes without his name leaving your lips, there's a problem.

10 You Put Your Name with His Last

If you've reverted to acting like a child by writing his name in hearts on your notebook or writing out your first name with his last name, you're a little too obsessed with him. If you're going to go that crazy over somebody, at least be smart enough to avoid leaving proof of your love on all of your items.

11 You Feel Extreme Hatred

It's normal to be jealous of your crush's girlfriend. It's even normal for you to wish that they would break up. However, it's unhealthy to wish harm on her. If you have the urge to shove her down a flight of stairs in order to get a chance with him, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

12 You Create Imaginary Conversations

Everyone creates scenarios in their heads, but you don't want to take it too far. If you're alone, you can daydream about how much fun you would have if he was by your side. But if you're out at the movies with your friends, don't ignore them, because you're too busy imagining that he was beside you, holding your hand.

13 You're an Actual Stalker

People throw the word "stalking" around casually nowadays. However, if you're doing more than occasionally glancing at his social media pages, you need to stop. You can't follow him home or watch him through his window. Those things are meant for the movies.

14 You Think He's Perfect

If you think every single thing he does is perfect, you're probably obsessed with him. Every human being has flaws. If you watch him steal money from a little old lady and still consider him an angel, it's because you're too obsessed with him to see the truth.

15 You Keep Pictures of Him

Have you sneakily snapped photos of him from across the room? Have you saved any of his Facebook photos to your computer or phone? If you're not even friends with him, but have tons of snapshots of him, it's a bit creepy.

16 You're Always Reminded of Him

Does every single song on the radio remind you of your crush? That's sweet, to a certain extent. If songs that clearly have nothing to do with him make you think of him, he's on your mind too often.

17 You Dress for Him

Have you ever dressed up special, because you assumed you'd run into your crush that day? It's nice to look nice, but you should be dressing for yourself, not for any man. If he's causing you to put in an extreme amount of effort, you're probably obsessed.

18 You Can't Focus

Are you unable to read, because you have to stop every five seconds to daydream about him? Do you have trouble sleeping at night, because you can't get his face out of your mind? If so, you need to start focusing on something else, because he's too big of a distraction.

19 You Ignore Hotties

If you have no chance with your crush, but still turn down offers from other men in order to keep yourself available, you need to rethink your actions. You can't ignore other hotties in the hopes of one day scoring a date with your crush. Sometimes, you just have to move on.

Do you show 4 or more of the signs I listed above? Then it is time for you to stop obsessing over him. An obsession is not healthy. Yes, I understand that he is a hard one not to stop obsessing over (I’ve been there before too), but I am telling you right now, obsessing over someone is not going to get you anywhere. Have you obsessed over a guy before, and if so, how did you stop?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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