7 Foods to Avoid before Sex ...


7 Foods to Avoid before Sex ...
7 Foods to Avoid before Sex ...

Did you know that there are some foods to avoid before sex? There are some foods out there that can get in the way of your social agenda, so to speak, so it’s best to avoid them before a sexual encounter. Check out these foods to avoid before sex so you can sidestep any possible mishaps while you’re getting up close and personal!

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Red Meat

One of the surprising foods to avoid before sex is red meat. It’s surprising because there are probably many dinner dates that later lead to sex and it’s highly likely that meat was consumed! The reason why red meat should be avoided is because it can be quite heavy and lead you to feel sluggish and lethargic later, which is not hot. Try to make dinner as light as possible to keep your energy up!



Cheese is another seemingly harmless snack that’s a food to avoid before sex! Although cheese is delicious and makes everything taste better, it can be a smelly nightmare. It’s one of those foods that linger long after you eat it, so unless you’re comfortable sharing cheese breath with your lover, abstain from chowing down on too much cheese before you do the deed.



Ah, the musical fruit. I’m sure it’s not surprising to anyone why it’s a food you shouldn’t eat before sex. Beans are great for our health and provide us with lots of fiber and protein. However, according to the Nutrition Journal, beans also contain a type of sugar that isn’t digestible which can cause bloating and gas.



Broccoli is another food that’s great for a healthy diet but not so great for those times you want to get intimate with your lover. In fact, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower should all be avoided before any important date because they also contain a hard-to-digest sugar that requires methane-releasing bacteria in order digest them. Yikes!


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are another helpful aid when we’re trying to cut back on sugary snacks and drinks, but they can have some not-so-sexy side effects! Artificial sweeteners or foods with mannitol, sorbitol and xylitol are foods to avoid before sex as they can cause abdominal bloating and gas. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, go for the real thing and have some sugar!



I love garlic. I think everything tastes better with it and it’s really good for you. The downside to these nutritious bulbs is their pungent scent and the starches they contain that can cause bloating and flatulence. If you want fresh breath and to avoid any embarrassing slip-ups, steer clear of any dishes containing garlic!



Although gum isn’t exactly a food we eat, we take in a whole lot of air when we chew it, which can lead to unsightly bloating and embarrassing gas. Also, if you’re chewing sugar-free gum it most likely contains one of the artificial sweeteners to avoid. You’re better off freshening your breath with a small portable brush, like Colgate Wisp, or sipping green tea, which contains catechins that kill bad-breath bacteria.

Now you know what foods to avoid before sex or even before a hot date! Avoiding these foods can help make your next encounter sexy and worry-free. There’s nothing worse than worrying about your breath, belly or gas when you’re getting close to someone so keep away from these foods! Have you ever had any embarrassing mishaps after a particular meal?

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