9 Funny Chat up Lines for Women ...

The best funny chat up lines for women are always those that occur spontaneously. You can’t orchestrate these and you can’t force them. Making your attraction known to the opposite sex isn’t an easy job and many women still believe it is up to the man to make the first move. If however, you’ve got the nerve – some might say, if you’ve got the balls – you could practice some of these funny chat up lines for women and really make an impression. It might not always be the impression you expect but boy, they will sure get you noticed.

1. Fancy a Stiff One?

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This is one of those funny chat up lines for women that takes timing and attitude. Stand with your back to the bar and as he walks in and sees you, point over your shoulder with your thumb to the bar and say, “Fancy a stiff one…..or shall we have a drink first?” Naughty but very clever if you can pull it off without being arrested for soliciting.

2. I Think There is Something Wrong with My Phone. Could You Try Calling It for Me to See if It Rings?

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It’s funny because the man at first doesn’t realize what you are up to, plus it is such a harmless way of getting a guy’s number. Once he sees what little trap you’ve led him into he’ll either admire you or think you’re a pushy devil.

3. Excuse Me-did You Just Touch My Bum?

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This one has more cheek than an elephant’s bum, and more brass than the world’s biggest door knocker. Say the line, and he will say “No”, so you turn to the side and feign disappointment saying, “Damn.” It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s cheeky. It works great if you can act it out so that it actually raises tension prior to you saying damn.

4. You Smell Terrible, Let’s Take a Shower Together

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This is one of those funny chat up lines women can use if you know the guy and he is not going to assume you are some sort of tramp. It works better if you leave a small pause in the middle, but not long enough for him to reply.

5. I Can Make Myself Invisible

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You have to pull this one off with a serious face. When you tell him you can make yourself invisible you have to do it with an expression so that he is tempted to believe you. Tell him you can prove it, do your thing and say, “Can you see me?” He will say, “Yes” so you have to pause and look a little concerned. Say, “How about seeing me tomorrow night?”

6. Do You Believe in Love at First Sight? or Should I Walk by Again?

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This is one of those funny chat up lines for women where leaving a pause between the question and the answer seems like a good idea, but less of a gap may be required as many men are quick to answer the question before you have said your bit.

7. Are Those Space Pants? Cuz Your Ass is out of This World

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It’s funny, but it’s also, “Ho hum” material. Make sure you have a dry smile ready after you have quipped this little one.

8. Do You Know the Essential Difference between Kissing and Conversation?

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This is one of the funny chat up lines women can use when out with friends. You have to say it as if you are telling a joke. Say it with the same manner and attitude. If he assumes it is a joke, then reply with “We should do a little talking later” and walk back to your friends giving him a cheeky smile.

9. Are You Going to Kiss Me or do I Have to Lie to My Diary Tonight?

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It is one of those funny chat up lines for women that is almost sweet and charming too. It sounds sexually aggressive, but has a sweet side to it that is quite endearing. You can change the start of the line to, “Are you going to ask me for my number…” so that you do not appear as sexually aggressive if that makes it more comfortable for you to try it.

It takes a bit of bravado for putting funny female chat up lines into action, especially if there’s more than a little lump of cheese involved. Pulling one of these off though, is a feather in your cap. Would you have the nerve to try any of these?

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