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If you're questioning whether true love actually exists, watching some of the hottest kisses on TV can change your mind. Even though the characters are fictional, the emotions that they feel and the situations they're placed in are realistic. That's why stories are able to pull on our heartstrings and make us cry, blush, and laugh. Here are some of the hottest kisses on TV that will make you crave someone to hold:

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Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess If you're a fan of New Girl, it's impossible not to want these two to end up together. I mean, they have their differences, but their chemistry is way too strong to ignore. This is one of the hottest kisses on TV because it was unexpected, but not at all uncalled for.


Blair and Chuck

Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl has been off the air for a while, but it's hard to forget all of the passionate kisses that Blair and Chuck shared. Whether they were getting along or arguing, you always knew that another kiss would come soon.


Blair and Chuck's relationship on Gossip Girl was a rollercoaster of emotions, but one thing was always consistent - their intense and passionate kisses. Fans couldn't get enough of their chemistry and the way they always seemed to find their way back to each other. From steamy make-out sessions to tender moments, their kisses were always a highlight of the show. And even though Gossip Girl has been off the air for a while, fans still can't help but swoon over those iconic Blair and Chuck kisses.


Leslie and Ben

Leslie and Ben Parks and Recreation is a comedy that'll make you love Amy Poehler even more than you already do. However, it has its fair share of steamy moments. Ben pulling Leslie in for a kiss is one of them.


Ian and Mickey

Ian and Mickey Shameless has dozens of raunchy moments every episode, so it's difficult to pick the best kiss of the series. However, Ian and Mickey are one couple that you have to root for, because it's clear that they're completely and utterly in love.


Rick and Kate

Rick and Kate Rick and Kate from Castle have been dealing with their sexual tension for way too long. It's not very surprising that their kisses are extra passionate. They need to make up for lost time.


Chuck and Sarah

Chuck and Sarah The show Chuck is old now, but it's still fun to watch. Every kiss Chuck and Sarah share is adorable, but their very first one is to die for.


Emma and Hook

Emma and Hook If you were a star on Once Upon a Time, you wouldn't be able to resist Hook's looks either. No matter what they go through, they'll always be an incredibly attractive pair.


Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam Jim and Pam are the perfect couple. Not only are they adorably awkward, fun, and sweet--but they share sexy kisses.


Jim and Pam are the beloved couple from the hit TV show "The Office". Their chemistry and love story captured the hearts of viewers, making them one of the most iconic couples on television. Their kisses were not only passionate and romantic, but also filled with humor and genuine emotion. Fans couldn't get enough of their on-screen romance and eagerly awaited each new episode to see what new antics and sweet moments they would share. Jim and Pam's relationship showed that true love can blossom in unexpected places and that even the most awkward moments can lead to some of the hottest kisses on television.


Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel These two are meant to be together, even though they've had their ups and downs. If their chemistry isn't clear from the way they talk to each other, you can see it in this kiss.


Barney and Robin

Barney and Robin How I Met Your Mother shows a lot of different couples, but none are as passionate as Barney and Robin. Each kiss is steamier than the last--plus, they're head over heels in love.


Mindy and Danny

Mindy and Danny If you've never watched The Mindy Project, Danny and Mindy's relationship is a great reason to do so. They deal with normal problems that couples face, but they stick together because of how much they care.

There are hundreds of passionate kisses from television to watch, but it's way more fun to go out and get kissed yourself. Of course, when you're single, watching TV couples is a great alternative. What's your favorite TV kiss that you could watch over again and again?

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