The Times We All Love to Be Kissed ...


The Times We All Love to Be Kissed ...
The Times We All Love to Be Kissed ...

If you've ever had a romantic partner, you already know the best times to be kissed. It’s always special if it’s with the one you love, but some times are admittedly better than others. Let's see if you all agree on these best times to be kissed:

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When Saying Goodbye

When you know you won’t see your partner for a while, leaving them is torturous. Your last few minutes together will involve a lot of hugging and kissing. You never want the moment to end, so you aim to make it as special as possible. It’s one of the best times to be kissed, because it’s what has to hold you over for the next few weeks, and you have to make it memorable.


While Hidden Away

When you and your partner are stuck in the house with your parents, or out at dinner with your friends, you can’t wait for your two seconds of privacy. Maybe it’ll come when you two volunteer to get drinks out of the fridge, or when your friends are parking their car. Whenever the moment comes, you take advantage of it. Since you’ve been around others for so long, you make your private kiss count.


After Making up

You had a huge fight, and said some things you regret. You’re both finally ready to apologize, and all of that anger is converted into sexual energy. You’re so glad that the argument is over that you’re going to take full advantage of the situation. You won’t be able to pry your hands off of each other.


When Crying

You’re bawling your eyes out over something that doesn’t concern him, but he’s there to help you through it. Now, this isn’t the time for a full blown make-out session. It is, of course, a perfect time for him to hold you close and kiss your forehead. It’s a comforting gesture that shows that you’re not alone. He’s there for you, and he wants you to know it.


In the Middle of the Night

If you’re lucky enough to fall asleep under the same covers, you know how sweet a midnight kiss can be. You’re half asleep, but you wake up in the middle of the night. Your mind is still foggy, but you’re able to kiss him, and fall back asleep into his arms. There’s no better feeling.


During Commercials

What's better than television? When you're watching your favorite show with your partner by your side, you don't want them to distract you from the story line. However, when the commercials come on, they're free to drag you back to reality. Kisses during commercials are fun, because you have to savor them. You know they'll only last a short while, because you'll be forced to stop once The Walking Dead comes back on.


In the Car

When you're driving to your favorite date spot, you actually hope that you'll get stopped at lights. It gives you a chance to sneak a quick kiss in. Cars don't seem all that romantic, but with the right music blasting and the right scenery outside, they're a romantic spot.

When you find the right person, every kiss is a great kiss. Of course, you have to admit that some moments are more memorable than others. What's the most romantic kiss that you've ever received?

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During a serious conversation, in public like at the park :)

i got kissed by my actual boyfriend in the theater.It was so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kissing is so much better then to get into any argument ...

I got kissed on a roof top exactly when the fire works started on 4 of July! I have to say it was quite perfect

I totally agree and whilst reading all the scenarios I remembered kissing in such situations!!! There is definitely an extra spark of attraction.... Wow can't wait to kiss in such circumstances again!!!!

Me and my boyfriend just got together two days ago and we still need to kiss but I'm not sure if he is ready yet

Wow :)

Lol little weird but ok


I was at a Taylor Swift concert and right as the confetti hearts fell, my boyfriend took me in his arms to kiss me :) it was perfect: especially with lyrics of love going on in the background :)

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