Good Morning Texts for Him That Will Make His Whole Day ...

You may be wondering do guys like good morning texts? and I'm here to tell you that they do! They may be though on the outside but they love knowing you're thinking of them too. Make sure you keep your texts short and sweet for the most part, but take a look at these great inspirations for good morning texts for him if you're looking to make his day a little bit sweeter (which is hard to do since you're already in it).

1. Good Morning Texts for when You’ve Got a Date Tonight

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-“Hey… I can’t wait for a date with the most awesome guy in the world!”
-"Good morning handsome! Looking forward to tonight."
-"Morning love. Just wanted to tell you how excited I am to see your face tonight!"
-"You and me=best date ever!"
-"Can't wait to spend the evening with you. It always makes my days better knowing we have a date."
-"I'm counting down the minutes until I can see you!"
-"Hurry up and wake up because I miss you!"
-"The sooner we get through our days the sooner we'll be together."

2. Good Morning Texts for after an Argument

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-“I hate when we fight but I know we can work this out. I believe in us.”
-"Good morning. I'm sorry."
-"Good morning, please forgive me."
-"I'm ready to be back on track, hope you are too. Let's work this out."
-"Let's put yesterday behind us please."
-"I hope to see you smile today. Good morning."
-"I love you."
-"Making things right after last night is my top priority. Have a great day."
-"I hope we can make it through this. I know we are better than the way we both behaved last night."

3. Good Morning Texts for when Things Feel Tense

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-“I love the couple we make up together and want to get back on track soon.”

-"I'm sorry if I said or did something to upset you. I hope we can work through this together."

-"I know things are off between us but I also want you to know that I love you."

-"I don't know what's wrong but I do know that I'm always here for you no matter what."
-"Ready to listen when you're ready to talk."
-"Hope you have a great day and I hope we can reconnect soon."
-"I miss you.... I miss us..."
--"Good morning. I love you. Just wanted to tell you that in case you weren't feeling it lately."

4. Good Morning Texts for Him when You're Long Distance

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-“It’s been way too long since I’ve seen your handsome face. I’m missing you!”
-"Someone needs to invent teleportation already so I can be with you whenever."
-"We may be far apart but it doesn't matter. What matters is my endless love for you."
-"Have a wonderful day and never forget how much I miss you."
-"Hopefully one day we can see each other face to face everyday instead of just selfies."

-"I wish I could kiss you this morning, but I can't so here's the best I can do... I love you, good morning."

5. Good Morning Texts for when You’re Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

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-“I love that our relationship is growing. I can’t wait for all the future holds!”
-"I'm so happy things are moving forward with us. Good morning."
-"Good morning honey, I look forward to the future together."
-"I no longer have to stay up all night wondering if I'll find Mr. Right because I already did in you."
-"Thank you for loving me as much as I love you."
-"Excited for these next steps in our relationship. Good morning babe."
-"Hoping you're as excited for our future together as I am! Good morning."

6. Good Morning Texts of Encouragement

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-“Good luck, Handsome! You’ve got this!”
-"Good morning babe! You're going to rock this today!"
-"Morning! Just remember, whatever the outcome, I'm here for you always."
-"If your smile is anything like today is going to be, it's going to be perfect."
-"Knock em dead babe!"
-"Good luck on [insert thing]!"

7. Good Morning Texts to Soothe Your Own Nerves

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-“I’m super nervous about this. Can you send good thoughts my way?”
-"I thought I had butterflies when I was with you, but that's nothing compared to today!"
-"I'm so scared! I need you!"
-"I wish you were here with me; I'd feel better knowing I had your support."
-"Thank you for being there for me. I know it's not easy but I appreciate it."
-“I love that you’ve always got my back. Your support means more to me than you’ll ever know!”

8. Good Morning Thank You Texts

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-“Thank you for this and everything you do. I’m such a lucky girl to have you for my boyfriend!”
-"Thank you for being you."
-"Thank you for [insert here]. I love you more than you'll ever know!"
-"Thank you babe! You're the greatest!"
-"Just wanted to say thank you for what you did. You're so sweet to think of me always."

-"Thanks so much! Can't wait to reciprocate and show you how good you made me feel."

9. Long Good Morning Texts for Him

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-"Good morning my love! I know I have woken you up, but it is only to tell you how much I love you. Have a fabulous day, let’s get together in the afternoon and I will give you many kisses."

-"Good morning babe! I hope waking up and reading this puts a smile on your face and an extra pep in your step. Just wanted to write to let you know I woke up thinking about you-but that's nothing new lately. Can't wait to see your name pop up on my phone; it always makes my day better. Text me when you wake up handsome."

-"Good morning! Just sending my love your way and making sure you wake up in a good mood with my text. I cannot see my life without you in it and I'm so happy to call you mine. When I told you I loved you, I meant it. I can't wait to be with you. Have a fantastic day-you deserve it!"

-"You may be the reason I have sleepless nights, but I hope I'm the reason you wake up in the morning. I can just picture your smile right now. Good morning love. You are wonderful."

-"Good morning handsome. You are spectacular Have a wonderful day. I know I will just knowing you're on my mind. Thanks for all the days of love you've given me and for coming into my life when I needed you most. You are truly a dream come true."

10. Flirty Good Morning Texts

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-"Can't wait till the hottest man in the world wakes up and sees this text."
-"Good morning stud!"
-"I see clouds outside by it's always sunny in my world with you."
-"Mornings have only been good since you came into my life."
-"If I was there I'd be kissing you right now."
-"Good morning. I wish your arms were around me right now."
-"I was freezing this morning until I started thinking of you; then I got hot."
-"Hope your coffee is as strong and sweet as you are."
-“Happy Hump Day! I hope you have all sorts of kinky thoughts today, or you know, whatever it is people do on Hump Day.”
-"I had a dream about you last night... Don't worry, it was PG (maybe PG-13)."

So there you have it. Some great texts to have your special guy's day starting off just right. Hope these maybe spark a new little ritual in your relationship! :)

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