7 Good Reasons Never to Get Involved with a Married Man ...


7 Good Reasons Never to Get Involved with a Married Man ...
7 Good Reasons Never to Get Involved with a Married Man ...

The reasons not to get involved with a married man are numerous - it's a really bad idea and something that no sensible woman should ever do. It will only lead to heartbreak and can devastate not just your own life, but that of his family as well. Getting involved with a married man has huge potential to hurt everyone involved. So here are some sound reasons not to date a married man.

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Of all the reasons not to get involved with a married man, the primary one has to be this: it's just plain wrong. Both a married man and his girlfriend can come up with all sorts of reasons to justify what they're doing - it's real love, his wife doesn't treat him right, etc. Those are excuses - cheating is never right, and a decent person just wouldn't be part of it.


Second Best

When you get involved with a married men, you will always be second best. His wife and family will come first. Let's remember, he's covering up his cheating, so you won't be able to contact him easily, he won't be there for important occasions, and you'll never be able to rely on him. Is that what you want out of a relationship?


You'll find yourself waiting for those stolen moments, constantly wondering when he'll call or text. Holidays, birthdays, and Valentines will be just another day for you because his obligations lie elsewhere. You deserve to be the priority in your partner's life, not an afterthought tucked away in the shadows of deceit. Think about it: do you truly want to settle for being the one on the sidelines, always hoping for a bit of his time and attention while knowing deep down you're worth so much more?



Another of the significant reasons not to get involved with a married man is that they lie. Whatever he says, he won't leave his wife, and he's almost certainly still sleeping with her. Married men who cheat enjoy having two women - why would he leave his wife and disrupt his comfortable life when he can get the best of both worlds?


Even if he paints a picture of a ♦️miserable marriage or vows that he's in the process of a divorce, these are often just tricks to reel you in deeper. Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and once it’s tainted by dishonesty, it's almost impossible to repair. Entering a relationship on such shaky ground means constantly questioning his integrity and doubting every word. Plus, consider this: if he's lying to his wife, he won't hesitate to lie to you, too. Do you want to be on the receiving end of such deceit?


Would You like It?

There is one question you should always ask yourself if you become interested in a married man: how would you like to be the one who is cheated on? You may justify your own behavior by arguing that you are not married, he is. That's still not right. You wouldn't like it if another woman went after your partner, so don't do it to anyone else.


Empathy is key. Placing yourself in the shoes of his spouse can provide powerful perspective. Betrayal is a deep wound, and by partaking in the affair, you're an accomplice to that hurt. Remember, the ripples of infidelity extend far beyond the immediate thrill; they can cause lasting emotional turmoil for all parties involved. Would you want your relationship to be marred by dishonesty and infidelity? Uphold the respect for relationships—yours and others'—by steering clear of situations that compromise integrity.


Repeat Performance

There is a saying: if you marry the mistress, you create a vacancy. Men who cheat can never be trusted. If you do manage to bag your man, and he leaves his wife for you, how can you ever be sure he won't do the same to you? The fact is, you can't. So don't put yourself in that situation, or it could be you getting hurt next time.


The pattern of infidelity is a tough cycle to break. Men who have strayed once are statistically more likely to do it again. And even if they don't, the shadow of past actions can haunt your relationship, leading to trust issues and constant worry. Every late night at the office or unexplained absence might have you questioning his fidelity. Love shouldn't be a game of suspicion and second-guessing. You deserve a partner who is committed and trustworthy right from the start.



As well as abstract reasons, there are living reasons not to get involved with a married man. If he has children, your involvement in his life could be incredibly damaging to them. Don't be a part of messing up children's lives; stay well away. Besides, can you respect a man who puts his own selfish needs before that of the children he brought into the world?


Unhappy Ending

If you do get into a relationship with a married man, you'd better do so with your eyes wide open. There is an almost 100% certainty that it will end badly. It could get very messy, and you will get hurt. Do you really believe that is what you deserve? Find yourself a man who is free to be with you and only wants you, not another woman as well.

There are so many reasons not to get involved with a married man and nothing that can be said in favor of it. You will never be his priority, and a man who can treat his wife like that is really not worth having. Value yourself highly enough not to put up with a man who is already in a relationship. Have you learned the hard way that married men are trouble?

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Joe Teamo: If a married man is cheating on his wife than he is lying and scheming everyday to Everyone in his life including you! What a wonderful man!

Those are true : second best, worries, lies and sad ending. It might flatter you up awhile, they know make you feel adorable but the rest of it you just only get miserables. It had happened to me 10 years ago, it still leave a big scar to me. But I'm gratefull it ended, I could see many hundred better men around and treat you as the first.

I am involved with a guy who said he was single and lives with his mum and that his only 35 years old. We dated for over and year. I am a divorcee, got married and found out my husband had plans to get his uk visa and leave me for his girlfriend so i broke my marriage after 2 months. This guy i met afterwards was very supportive and treated me like a princess. Year and half later i find out that he was married but he lied by swearing on my life that they are divorced. 6 months later through google i found out he lied and that he is still married. I am too weak and i cant live without him. I am still with him but it hurts alot. What do i do? Therez nothing i havent tried to get away from him but it is just not possible. I feel like without a hand and a leg without him. Please advise?

I have a crazy situation. The married man in talking to is my ex. We really never stop talking. The weird thing is he cheated on me with her. Which is the mother of his kids. Just recently I came back home we got in contact and hooked up. I don't want him back. I just like giving her a taste of her own medicine. Do I love him no. I tried to cut it off he stalks me I changed my number and everything he still stalks me. What do I do? I need some input

Wonderful advice! Especially on the cheating part! ;) Now how would you get over that?

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