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7 Worst Excuses to Get out of a Date ...

By Tyjuana

It's not your fault, (well, it's not necessarily your fault!) but you need to get out of a date, and you want to use a good excuse to get out of a date, which means you'll want to avoid using the worst excuses to get out of a date, right? I can help! Here are seven of the worst excuses to get out of a date.

1 You Are Not Feeling Well

I'd hate to have karma bite you with the flu bug, should you use the sick excuse. And in a world of over-the-counter medication there is no reason for pulling the sick card. Yet, this excuse is by far the oldest one. While you may get a sick-day pass from your employer, unless your date is a complete idiot, he'll know what you really mean.

2 You Have to Work Late

Because you just can't rub being Miss Independent (read: I don't need a man) in his face enough, tell him you have to work late. Either he'll appreciate your dedication to your boss or he'll assume that you're a work-a-holic. He'll think you are more likely to put your job first, and place his needs at a distant second. This might explain why you're still single!


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3 You Have to Jet out of Town

The “get out of Dodge” excuse makes you sound exciting. He'll appreciate you for having a life and will become intrigued to no end. Warning: this one might not work if you're hoping to never hear from him again. He will probably want to learn more about you, and your job.

4 You Don't Have a Babysitter

Unless you don't have children, the babysitter excuse is a perfect one as it puts you in the clear. The sitter bailed, so it is not your fault. Stuff happens, and if your guy loves children, he will understand your sitter's surprising cancellation. Proceed with caution, as he will insist on a date do-over!

5 You Have a Family Emergency

Backing out of a date because of a family emergency will work in most cases, especially if your date doesn't know you that well. If you two are old friends, he's more likely to ask is there’s anything he can do to help; he might think the relative might actually be in some trouble.

6 You Have a Visit from "Aunt Flow"

The excuse to shut down all excuses — telling your date that you're on your period is a sure-fire way to get out of a date. If he knows this, then he knows his chances of getting some are nil. This could be a great way to see if sex is all he was after in the first place. Kudos to you for dodging a bullet with this excuse!

7 You Are on Strike from Men

File this excuse under "maybe it's just me." I like to take man breaks every so often. During this time I will cancel previously-scheduled meet-ups without a second thought. While this excuse is sure to get you out of the date, it's not wise to place a guy into the "all men are the same" category.

Look, you just can't be out here lying... unless it's necessary. I say make the call ahead of time and enjoy the rest of your evening, courtesy of a "Sex and the City" marathon. Which of the seven excuses have you used before?

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