7 Worst Excuses to Get out of a Date ...


It's not your fault, (well, it's not necessarily your fault!) but you need to get out of a date, and you want to use a good excuse to get out of a date, which means you'll want to avoid using the worst excuses to get out of a date, right? I can help! Here are seven of the worst excuses to get out of a date.

1. You Are Not Feeling Well

I'd hate to have karma bite you with the flu bug, should you use the sick excuse. And in a world of over-the-counter medication there is no reason for pulling the sick card. Yet, this excuse is by far the oldest one. While you may get a sick-day pass from your employer, unless your date is a complete idiot, he'll know what you really mean.

You Have to Work Late


Lyndsie Robinson
Lol!! Good one! I'm also fond of the "Sorry, the bra's already off" excuse! :P
Christy Martin
My favorite excuse is, if it requires pants I ain't going. It's a running joke in my house.
Heather Jensen
Mm, I don't know if we are recommending them exactly, it looks like we are poking a bit of fun. :)
Clare Smith
It's "worst excuses" but you seem to be recommending them?
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