7 Gorgeous Flowers That You Didn't Know Were Aphrodisiacs ...


7 Gorgeous Flowers That You Didn't Know Were Aphrodisiacs ...
7 Gorgeous Flowers That You Didn't Know Were Aphrodisiacs ...

Almost all us ladies associate flower with love, romance or affection, but some flowers offer more romantic qualities than others, such as these flowers that are aphrodisiacs. The word aphrodisiac is named after the Greek goddess of sexuality, love and beauty, known as Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs were used during the mythical ages of ancient Greece due to the belief they could simulate arousal, or induce feelings of sexual desires. To this day, it seems people are drawn to aphrodisiac scents, flowers, foods and herbs, without even recognizing they are aphrodisiacs to start with. These foods, herbs, flowers and scents all generate feelings of euphoria, excitement and arousal, which give them their aphrodisiac qualities. These flowers that are aphrodisiacs are some of the most exotic and some of my favorites in the world. If you love flowers, learn to appreciate these romantic, aphrodisiac flowers that just might add a little something special to your own love life!

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Lavender I was a little surprised when I learned the lovely lavender flower was one of the most popular aphrodisiac flowers. I always assumed it was most associated with sleep more than anything, but was I wrong! Lavender was the most popular scent with all males that seemed to stimulate sexual desires, of all other scents tested. Most researchers feel it has to do with the sedative and relaxing properties that lavender brings. Either way, lavender is a gorgeous flower to appreciate and looks very romantic and desirable in nature.



Chamomile Chamomile is a lovely flower that is also known as an aphrodisiac in women and men. Since chamomile relaxes the brain and eases the stomach, it can be a great aphrodisiac since no one who is stressed or suffering tummy troubles feels much like romance! Chamomile’s flower buds have also been linked to producing sexual arousal in men. Perhaps try a perfume that uses chamomile scent, or a bath product that offers the scent if you want to seduce your man with this flower.


Chamomile is a member of the Asteraceae family, and is native to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. It has a long history of use as a medicinal herb, and is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antiseptic properties. In addition to its purported aphrodisiac properties, chamomile is often used to aid digestion, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep. It is available in many forms, including teas, tinctures, oils, and dried flowers.



Orchids Orchids are one of the most of my favorite flowers that are aphrodisiacs of all other flowers. Orchids of a certain breed actually produce vanilla beans, which are one of the top aphrodisiacs in the world. Orchids and vanilla both produce a sense of sexual lust and desire that other flowers don’t seem to have. Orchids are so exotic, and one of the most popular flowers sold during Valentine’s Day for this very reason.


Orchids are also known to have a variety of medicinal properties. The flowers are said to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and diuretic properties, as well as being useful for treating respiratory and digestive problems. They are also said to be beneficial for treating headaches, insomnia, and anxiety. Orchids are also used in perfumes and cosmetics, and their essential oils are used in aromatherapy for their calming and relaxing effects. Additionally, orchids are believed to attract luck and fortune, making them a great gift for special occasions.



Guarana This odd looking flower is strongly associated with sexual endurance, desire and strength. Guarana is a popular ingredient in many natural stimulant products, but it is also used for its ability to enhance endurance in the bedroom and produce romantic desires. It seems to increase sexual hormones in both men and women when used and to offer positive effects on the mood. The flower itself is a very strange looking one, but certainly a powerful one!


Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon rainforest, and it has been used by indigenous tribes for centuries for its medicinal properties. It contains high levels of caffeine, as well as other stimulants such as theobromine, theophylline and tannins. Studies have shown that guarana can help improve mental alertness and physical performance, as well as reduce fatigue and stress. It is also believed to help improve libido and sexual performance in both men and women. Guarana is available in many forms, including powder, capsules, and liquid extract.



Passionflower Passionflower is one of the most popular flowers that are aphrodisiacs as well, probably because of its name. Passionflower is also used in many bedtime teas for its relaxant properties, but it is also used in many hormonal supplements and teas for women due to its positive effects on sexual hormones. It can also enhance desire because of its design, which is rare and lustful to the eye.


Morning Glory

Morning Glory This gorgeous flower, which we all associate with its special bloom time, is also one of the most requested flowers for its aphrodisiac qualities. Morning glories actually contain certain acidic substances that produce heightened contractions and movements in women sexually, as tested in one research study. I would not recommend using this in your own science experiment, but instead, maybe you could just plant these flowers outside and wish for the best! Either way they are fun to grow and gorgeous to look at.


Poppy Flower

Poppy Flower Poppy flowers are, in my opinion, one of the prettiest flowers of all. Poppy flowers are a beautiful, vibrant orange color that increases desire and fuels serotonin in the brain. Many people are drawn to the color of poppies, along with their scent. Poppies and poppy seeds both enhance dopamine when taken internally, which enhances the mood and can also send the body to sleep. Since it is a relaxant, this is one reason the flower is seen as an aphrodisiac. I actually like adding a few poppy seeds to my dinner at night anytime I know I want a good night’s sleep and it works like a charm. Poppy seeds and the scent of poppy flowers send a rush of euphoria throughout the body, almost like a trance. This is one reason many people test positive for marijuana after eating poppy seeds, even though poppy has no illegal substances or drugs within it.

Flowers aren’t the only plants that have aphrodisiac qualities. Foods, herbs, seeds, and even barks can offer aphrodisiac qualities. For a more thorough list, you can visit lifeinitaly.com, which offers tons of great advice and tips for getting more aphrodisiacs into your own life. What is your favorite aphrodisiac?

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Gorgeous! And poppy happens to be my favorite color. Hint hint someone!

Poppy would not cause you to test positive for marijuana. You would test positive for opium and other depressants.

This was an enjoy to read :)

This is because opium is made from the poppy plant, so technically yes there are illegal substances within poppy flowers.

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