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7 Great Ideas for a Date Night in ...

By Alicia

A date night in has often been the only option for a date that my husband and I have had. Have you been there? It may be the lack of a sitter, lack of finances or other reasons that make going out off limits. Regardless, a date night in can still be a lot of fun.

1 Rent a Stack of Movies

This is mine and my husband’s favorite idea for a date night in and the one that we use most frequently. In fact, it is an almost always Saturday night thing for us. We love to rent a big stack of movies, order take out and snuggle up in his big, comfy recliner. It is so relaxing and enjoyable. It is also much cheaper than a night out for dinner and a show. We also get to see more movies this way than going to watch one single movie.

2 Play Cards

Playing cards is a great way to have a date night in. I don’t think you ever outgrow board games and card games. Some of my favorite games are Rummy, Uno and Phase 10. If you want, you can even include your kids in the fun. It makes for great family memories, too.

3 Have Dessert and Coffee

It is nice when you can fix a special dessert and sit and have dessert and coffee together. Try to branch outside the box a little bit here. Instead of just fixing a regular brownie mix, why not look for a gourmet brownie recipe? Or maybe make homemade salted caramels? It makes the experience that much better which you put some extra effort into your preparations.

4 Read a Book Together

I have heard of couples that spent time reading through a book together for a date night in. They set aside a certain time each week and spend time reading a couple of chapters and talking about it together. A book on relationships would be an excellent choice for this. You could learn more about each other and how to relate to one another better all while spending time together. It is a wonderful way to get closer to one another.

5 Cook Together

Cooking together can be fun. I enjoy cooking with my husband. It is kind of fun to share the kitchen while you are learning a new recipe. It is also fun to enjoy the teamwork element of cooking together. It is a shared experience that you can appreciate later, too.

6 Make S’mores

This is something else we have done. On a cool evening, build a fire and make s’mores. This is a very inexpensive date night in, or date night outdoors, I should perhaps say. It is also one that is very pleasurable. Enjoying a sweet treat under the stars is very romantic.

7 Invite a Couple over

You know, a lot of these things can be done with another couple, as well. Enjoy the company of some friends while you have your date night in. You can watch movies together, play cards or do most of these if there are four of you. You can also share some laughs and fun times together. It can be even more fun than going out.

While a date night out is certainly nice, a date night in can be, too. What are your favorite activities for a date night in? Please share!

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