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7 Helpful Tips on How to Deal with a Mean Boyfriend ...

By Corina

If you are looking for suggestions on how to deal with a mean boyfriend, look no further; just read this little article and find out what you can do to help him calm down. Even though most of the time your loved one is one of the sweetest guys ever, there are times when he is grumpy and even mean to you just because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I know nothing gives him the right to treat you this way, but you must admit that even you have days when you are angry for no reason and when you are mean with the ones around you. Here are a few very helpful tips on how to deal with a mean boyfriend:

1 Help Him Recognize That He is Being Mean

One of the first things you should do if you want to learn how to deal with a mean boyfriend is to simply help him recognize that he is being mean to you. You can achieve that by saying calmly that what he said is really rude and that his mean words really hurt your feelings. Sometimes they might not even realize that their behavior is hurting you, and that’s why it’s good to just point that out to them.

2 Give Him Some Space

Everyone needs to have some space to just breathe and calm down, especially when they are going through a rough time. When your boyfriend is mean to you because he is tired or stressed, the best thing you can do for the moment is to simply give him some space, so you two can talk calmly afterwards. Then you'll be able to tell him that his behavior is bothering you.

3 Silence is Golden

Silence is golden indeed, especially when you are dealing with a mean person. This way, when he says something rude to you, you will not only not instigate him to keep going but you will give him time to think and realize that his behavior is inappropriate and that he is hurting you. This way, you are simply allowing him to hear the echo of his words.

4 Give Positive Reinforcement

Give him positive reinforcement every time he is being nice to you. Tell him how much you love him in those moments and how happy he is making you feel. Let him know that you love him this way and that you would like to see him in a good mood more often.

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5 Actions Speak Louder than Words

Just remember that sometimes actions speak louder than words. If his behavior is making you upset, try to show him that through your actions, instead of yelling and starting up fights. He will get the point eventually and you will be able to show him that his behavior is affecting your well-being.

6 Get Real with Yourself

Sometimes you just have to get real with yourself, make a list of all the pros and cons of that situation and see if you need to take some action. If your boyfriend is abusive and if his behavior is really affecting your well-being then you should have a talk with him and clarify some things.

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7 Get Professional Help

If you’ve tried everything but your boyfriend just doesn’t seem to improve the way he is treating you and he is still being mean when he feels tired or stressed, you should suggest him to seek some professional help or you could even go together to couples therapy. A therapist can help him discover the cause of his anger and of course, of his unhappiness.

When you are dealing with someone who is being mean to you, try to be assertive and help them realize that their actions are really hurting your feelings. This is not an easy thing to do, especially when that mean person is your boyfriend, but with a little bit of practice and with a lot of patience, I’m sure you will do just fine. Do you know any other tips on how to deal with a mean boyfriend? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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