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By Heather

One of the keys to learning all of the ways to deal with his pet is to understand his feelings. If your boyfriend has a dog, a cat, a snake or even a rabbit and you absolutely hate his pet, you’ve got to look at it through his eyes. Girls, it is not always about you, sometimes you’ve got to suck it up! So, if you’re having doggie drooling problems or kitty purring problems, you’ve got to check out my 7 ways to deal with his pet so that you can keep your man! Are you ready to dive in and figure out if you can handle his pet or if you need to find someone petless?

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Spend One-on-One Time with the Pet

I know that spending one-on-one time with his pet might not seem like the best idea, especially if you are not an animal person, but it’ll show your man that you are trying different ways to deal with his pet instead of casting it aside. If it is a dog, spend some time with him at the park or even just get on the ground and play with him! It’ll show your man that you are serious about accepting his pet.


Discuss Any Struggles

If you are really, really struggling with your boyfriend’s pet and it is tearing apart your relationship, you need to be upfront and honest with those feelings. You need to let him know any struggles you have and really understand his struggles. He might have had the pet for a really long time – so keep that in mind when you are finding the right ways to deal with his pet!


Don't Feel Threatened by His Pet

Just because your boyfriend has a pet, doesn’t mean that you need to constantly feel threatened by his pet! He is not in competition with you, remember, you are a human and his girlfriend. A pet is a pet and while your boyfriend might be attached, his feelings do not compare to what he feels for you!


Schedule Time with Your Boyfriend and His Dog

If you are really serious about trying to find a way to deal with his pet, why not schedule some time where the three of you can go out together and play? Where the three of you can really get to know one another and where you can really gain some insight as to why he is obsessed. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving his pet!



Always compromise first ladies! You never want to give an ultimatum to your boyfriend without at least trying to compromise first. If you are getting serious with your boyfriend, tell him that he needs to make sure the dog is potty trained, that he bathes him once a week, and that if there are any accidents, he has to clean them up. These are not unreasonable requests and they are a way to deal with his pet.

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Understand His Feelings

You’ve got to understand what he is feeling girls. Honestly, if he has been through a lot with this pet, no matter what type of animal it is, you’ve got to make sure that you take that into consideration too. He loves the animal and you really might just have to accept that in the end.


Don't Resent the Dog

Finally, don’t resent the dog just because it is there! It is not fair to the animal and who knows, it could cost you your boyfriend if you are constantly mean to his pet. So girls, just be nice, smile and make sure that you treat the dog fairly!

So girls, these are my top 7 ways to deal with his pet – bottom line: don’t let it destroy your relationship. It’s an animal girls! What other ways to deal with his pet do you have to share?

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My fiance has had a dog (Tyra the staffie) since Ive known him. And I got a dog (Brosnan the chihuahua doxie mix) 1 year after I met him. We both love eachothers pets to bits...but I have to admit since I got Brosnan he's my number one dog as Tyra hardly listens to me and will try and keep me away from him. Although Brosnan does growl at my fiance when he comes near me! Great article though!