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7 Helpful Tips to Know when You're Being Strung along ...

By Heather

It can be really hard to spot out tips to know when you're being strung along right girls and guys? Being strung along is never a great feeling, but finding the tips to know when you're being strung along can be helpful right? If you feel like you are being strung along but truly have no idea how to tell, don't worry girls and guys, I've got your back. I've got all of the top tips to tell if you are being strung along!

1 Won't Answer Calls/Texts

Let's say that you've called your crush (or even your best guy or girl friend that you've been interested in forever) and texted them a million times, but they haven't done anything to try to get in touch with you. This is absolutely one of the surefire tips to know when you're being strung along that you should watch out for. Nobody wants to be strung along and if your man or girl won't answer your phone calls or texts, watch out!

2 No Commitment

What about commitments? Does he or she constantly blow you off for plans and not really commit to you when you do try to make plans with them? This is absolutely one surefire sign that you are being strung along and that you aren't really going to ever be tied down to your crush. Someone that likes you would want to make a commitment to you.


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3 Only Returns Calls when They Need Someone

Does your crush only call you when they need someone to talk to? When they need someone that is going to be there for them? Well girls and boys, that is definitely a top sign that you're bring strung along! If your crush really liked you, they'd be calling you to hang out, to see them, to really get to know them.

4 You Are the Last Minute Option

How about last minute plans? Does your crush constantly use you as their last minute resort, when everyone else is busy? That's definitely a sign that you're being strung along and that your crush isn't at all serious about you. You should be the first choice, not the last choice ladies and gents!

5 Constantly Refers to You as a Friend Only

How about when you two are together? Are you constantly being referred to as his friend? Just his friend? Are you never referred to as his boyfriend or girlfriend? Or even a close friend? That's another sign that you've got to watch out for when you have a feeling that you're being led on.

6 It's Never a Date when You Two Hang out

How many actual dates have you gone on with your crush? Have you ever gone on any? Is it really a date? These are things that you're going to have to think about when you are investigating whether or not you're being led on. If your crush will never, ever give out, whether or not it's a date between the two of you, that's a sign that you could be led on.

7 Constantly Dating Other People

Finally, the last thing that you've got to watch out for is your crush constantly dating other people and flaunting them in front of you. It means that they want you to know that they are free to do whatever they want and that no matter what, your feelings don't matter.

So girls and guys, these are just a few of my tips to tell whether or not you are being led on! I know it's hard to figure out, but hopefully these tips helped! So, what other tips do you have? Share 'em!

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