Here is How to Track His Phone to Know if He's Cheating ...

We have all been there... Is he lying to me? Is he cheating on me? Why is he acting so suspicious? Is he really going out with the guys or working late? The list goes on and on and on of thoughts running through our minds to determine if the one we love (or at the very least are in a relationship with) is being faithful to us.

With all the advances in technology, wouldn't it be awesome if there was some sort of app that could instantly ping us if our boyfriends were cheating? Perhaps it would even give us proof to use when the inevitable breakup comes and you're standing there ugly crying. Fear not pretty lady! Awesome apps and websites are able to help. For example, is a great place to start on your quest for answers; but first, let's dive into the subject a little bit:

1. Why Don't I Trust Him?

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Maybe it's you. Maybe you've been hurt in the past and suffer some undo trauma from the event of being cheated on before. Or maybe you've known him to cheat on his ex's and you're afraid he'll do the same to you. Whatever the issue may be, you need to evaluate why you don't trust the man you're with before you get any further into the relationship.

2. Am I Really in Love if I Don't Trust Him?

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Well honey, yes! You very well could be. Maybe you've been together a super long time and found out some indiscretions but decided to stay because of your love. It's very possible to actually wholeheartedly love someone and not trust them because somewhere along the way the trust was broken or lost. That is what makes situations like these so difficult.

3. Can the Trust Ever Be Repaired?

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All is not lost my dear, trust can certainly be rebuilt (if that's the route you want to take) with some good communication, time, teamwork, and maybe even a little space. All these things can help you two trust and love as good as-if not better than-before and potentially save your relationship.

4. Am I Sure?

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You definitely don't want to jump and accuse your man of cheating just because Friday night is guy night. He had friends before you, should have friends even though he's with you, and will no doubt have friends long after you're gone. You want to be 1000% sure before you throw cheating allegations in his face and cause WWIII when your facts are mere suspicions.

5. How do I Know?

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Along the lines of the previous point, "Am I sure?" You want evidence. Cold hard facts to the case to prove you're not crazy-'cause don't they always say that?! Hah! So make sure you try to find reliable apps or websites that can easily help you on your quest to catch a cheater. (And depending on your age, YouTube the show Cheaters and watch some of those episodes for a good laugh!)

6. Am I Crazy?

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You know he's probably going to tell you that when you first throw the C word out there. Just know, as long as you have evidence, you are NOT crazy! Honey you've got to protect your heart and there's no better way to do that than find out for sure and figure out what you're going to do before you become that 90's song by Shaggy called "Wasn't Me" (And if you don't know it you need to listen because THAT doll is a C-H-E-A-T-E-R!!!!)

So there you have it beautiful ladies! Questioning your man's faithfulness involves some serious steps, but we all know us ladies do better research than the FBI so put those creeping skills to the test and find out for sure if you are your man's one and only. Happy hunting ladies!

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