The Absolute 💯 Most Memorable 💭 Kisses 💋 in History 📖 ...


Who needs Valentine’s Day to celebrate kissing? Kissing is immortalized in cinema, art, music and photography. An iconic kiss might be defined by occasion, location or protagonists. So much can be said in a kiss. Let’s get acquainted with some of history’s most memorable kisses (and they don’t all involve lips and puckering up!)

1. A Royal Wedding

A Royal Wedding

The image of Charles and Diana kissing on their wedding day was the one we had all been waiting for, and it’s still iconic to this day.

VJ Day in Times Square, New York 1945


Nancy B
Azura.... Vietnam? 1942? Try WW2
Kissing scene on Titanic? you forget it!
Desiree Petit de Murat
A great variety of famous kisses! I really enjoyed looking at them.
Kira Hanna Keppel
Yeah the woman in #2 actually has said that she never wanted to kiss him and she was scared because he was much stronger than her and forced her into it
Azura Gloyd
#2 they weren't actually a couple. The guy got home from the Vietnam War and found some random girl and kissed her
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