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How Jealous You Are in Relationships According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

From the time when you are first old to enough to understand relationships, you are taught that the most successful kinds involve love and trust, but that doesn’t stop you from being jealous from time to time! Jealousy is one the most difficult emotions to try to control, so when you start to feel it, it’s very hard to act on it and do something to express your feelings! Have you ever considered, though, that your particular levels might depend on the month in which you were born? Here is how jealous you are in relationships according to your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You can be quite hot-headed when the time calls for it, and it’s fair to say that you are quite reactionary with your jealousy. You will often do something to get revenge even before wrongdoing has been proven!

2 Taurus

Your jealousy comes out in the form of being possessive. Your boyfriend is all yours, and you don’t want anyone else to have him in any way!

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3 Gemini

You are quite good at keeping your jealousy at bay. You are much more understanding than most of the other signs, and always seek to confirm any suspicions before flying off the handle.

4 Cancer

Your jealousy manifests itself in a lot of sensitivity. You don’t necessarily get angry if you feel jealous. You sort of turn the emotion within yourself instead and your sense of self-worth takes a dive.

5 Leo

Your jealousy comes out in the form of neediness. You will ask more and more from your partner and demand more of their time in order to turn their attention back on you.

6 Virgo

You get nervous when you get jealous, because you can’t stand the thought of being left alone. You will doubt every move he makes.

7 Libra

You become very clingy when you get jealous, because you want to spend every waking minute with him to make sure that he isn’t actually doing the things you worry about.

8 Scorpio

I don’t want to bring up Fatal Attraction, but you can be a real bunny boiler at times! Your jealousy can be off the scale. You don’t even wait for proof of any suspicions, you just go all out crazy girlfriend!

9 Sagittarius

Jealousy isn’t really part of your nature, because your communication skills with your partner are so strong that you never misunderstand or get the wrong end of the stick.

10 Capricorn

You manage your jealousy by being the controlling one in the relationship. If he is always doing the things that you want, how can he be doing wrong, right?

11 Aquarius

You don’t tend to have a problem with jealousy because you are too naturally honest. You won’t let anything fester in your mind, you always talk to him about it straight away so he can squash it.

12 Pisces

You can go either way in terms of jealousy depending entirely on the day! One day you can be completely unfazed by anything, and then the next day even a smile from a pretty waitress can set you off!

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